YPE camp 2006 – Bhelai

I am very tired after hectic work. I think I should take some rest tonight instead of blogging. People across the globe (esp Ex YPE secretaries, Mr Gigi Thomas from Qatar and Miss Merlin Luckose from Canada, they have all reasons too :)) are eagerly waiting to see the camp pics. Today morning I did try to upload it to yahoo directory but it did not work out. I then uploaded some of the images to http://fotogal.net/galleries/AjiNIMC/ypecamp. I already have some pics uploaded for the blog.

(Some of our back benchers after a sleepless night, first session of the camp)

(Some of our back benchers after a sleepless night, first session of the camp)

The breakfast session

The Lunch session, we managed to take it to our rooms, later many other followed the method. Was it illegal?

Early morning 6:30, morning tea session. I was sitting ok, it the photographers fault. I am too lazy to make rotate it 90 deg using photoshop. Sorry for the inconvenience.

True winners, two winners. Our Pastor, our coach and our captain, our YPE sec< br/>

We call it Mukka Lath session. We had almost 30 seats, half compartment booked. We called all junis and then it was Mukka lath session. Anson getting his share.

I will uploading more pics tomorrow morning. Keep watching.

Update 12 oct: Added more pics at http://in.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/ajiissac1/album?.dir=/fc02scd&.src=ph&.tok=phMxQpFBkVO7I7pu

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  1. Yes it is a wonderful song, we managed the dvd. I think I should upload this pic as well. We won first for group song with instruments. Our limited choir sung beautifully. . We missed you at camp Merlin, we had fun. The best was short story by Jolly Sis, she got 1st for it. Kevin got the best individual prize for the second time. I remember you getting it once.

  2. nw i am really going to cry – i so wish i cud be a part of the excitement, :(( – i am so happy for the church :))- give my best wishes to jino 4 doing a superb job and to evryone in the choir – i miss them so much – and also thnks 2 u for being such a support to the youth – god bless u all.

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