Great – 24 new feedburner subscribers in a day

As I mentioned at various forums (1,2,3) that phase 2 of blogging is about integration with established services for promotion. In web 2.0, distribution of content is a must and phase 2 of blogging is all about distribution and promotion. This tuesday I devoted some time to understand technorati (I will be writing about how technorati tags work) and feedburner. I did not spend enough time exploring feedburner but just created a feed (

Today I decided to give a look at the statistics and it was great to know see that 24 people have subscribed in one day. The stat is only available for 5th Dec as we started on 5th Dec.
feedburner stats

Here is the distribution of the feed readers.
feedburner stats

Feedburner is a great platform to share your blog content with blog readers. I do not have any option to contact the subscribers and thank them for their appreciation. I am thankful to everyone for such an appreciation which helps me motivate myself. I will try to blog regularly :).

Some tips for feedburner users
Replace all the feed links with feedburner feed links. Keep things simple. I have converted all my feeds to feedburner feeds.

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  1. I just bookmarked it at without a problem. Also you will be able to submit it to digg. I noticed a very strange thing. On first day I had 24 subscribers, second day 33 (added 9) but then a sudden drop and it dropped to 19 in next 3 days. Now again it is back to 27 because of today’s posting. I think there is much to learn from it too. I wish I had more time.

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