What is Page Rank?

I had covered Page Rank (PR) topic with some really funny pictures for our Intraoffice SEO book. Page Rank is a very simple concept, A (web page) links to B (web page of same site or different site), A passes a part of its link juice (or PR) to B. Let me take a small example to show how it works. Lets consider A and B to be a pot with Green liquid.

  • Bigger PR => More liquid
  • Links going out of A => Hole in pot

Page Rank or PR

  • If A has less holes and more liquid then you will get a better share of the liquid and thus more liquid.
  • If A has less holes but less liquid you will get less liquid (but still a good share).
  • If A has more holes and more liquid then you will get lesser share but still may end up getting more liquid.
  • If A has more holes and less liquid then you will end up getting very less.

A will give some liquid to B, now if B is connected with more pots say C,D,E…. then it will end up getting more liquid from all these pots. If B gives link (or has holes) then it will lose some of its liquid.

PR of B => how much liquid does B pot has. This is how I explained a lot of new web aspirants (new recruits with no web knowledge). If you want more technical viewpoint you can visit :-

1) http://www.webworkshop.net/pagerank.html
2) http://searchengineland.com/070426-011828.php

Wishing you a better PR, I was crazy about the thin green line when I joined the industry, now I hardly care.

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