Does Alexa hate firefox?

I am not sure what I am doing wrong but as a user I am getting an error with Alexa when running on FF but not while running it using IE. I am not able to compare two sites using FF but with IE I face no problem. Here is a snapshot for alexa homepage which offers a default comparison.

Alexa firefox
(Click on the image to enlarge it)

Is this happening because of some FF extension or settings, I need to debug it further.

I was not aware of following issues (I discovered it while searching google news)

After reading this what I can understand there stand on third party websites using alexa comparison data. Looks like they have introduced a bug on their own system. I have enabled the referral tracking on FF but still it doesn’t work.

Further update
See the site carefully, FF and IE has two different versions (may be IE the latest). IE doesn’t allow the sharing of graphs. “Put this graph on your site!” and “Permalink” links are missing.

Update 9th June 2007
Finally I got an email from Alexa team after almost 20 days. It says

Thank you for contacting Alexa Internet.

We thank you for bringing the matter to our attention. We made a number
of changes to the design of our website recently, and had some bugs. WE
believe these issues have been resolved.

Thank you for your interest in Alexa.

Best Regards,
Alexa Internet Customer Service

Sad that it is not fixed yet, I wonder whether they have checked it. I replied them too

I am afraid it is not fixed yet, look at the using firefox and Internet Explorer (IE), see the comparison chart. IE shows all 3 graphs but FF shows only one line graph.

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