Useful links

Speed up your site

  1. and

Tech blogs and links

  1. (blog)
  2. Google Tech talks videos at

Useful tools

  1. – because people can’t click on what they don’t see. Eyetools makes it easy for agencies and design firms to offer eyetracking data to their clients.
  2. – Create tests to figure out what people are doing on your website.
  3. – Different browsers, also check
  4. – Checks the load time and shows the http pipelining too.


  1. – A Market Leader In E-Commerce Security – includes criminal background checks on your staff!
  2. – The Trust-E Web Privacy Seal (which indicates that your privacy policy is sound)
  4. DomainsKeys and SPF for email authentication.

Google tools

  1. Google’s ad preview tool – You can use this to see different rankings from different locations.

Forums I visit

  1. WMW aka

Free books and applications

  1. experience resources
  2. Video converter – One which offers almost everything :).
  3. – Video ads
  4. SEO serp tracker

Web resources

  1. Good hosting companies
  2. How to make a business plan?

Video learning

  1. web2expo presentation videos
  2. – collection of high quality videos.


  1. Bhajans – Site by Vivek Kedia
  2. Green printer in San Francisco – It is very trustworthy company with clients like Ask Jeeves, Bank of America …. know more about green printing by bacchuspress.

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