Wow, my Blog under top Indian HR/Management blogs

A blog list compiled by the top Indian blogger (thanks Amit for compiling the list). I saw my blog under HR/Marketing/Finance category. I was happy to see that and also a very nostalgic moment, I just looked back for once. to recap the journey I had so far.

My expertise is Technology (Web Technology mainly), I always loved to handle the toughest Technical challenges, from Kerberos, RSA encryption to backward reservation protocol, from htaccess to making a single-user wordpress a multi-user wordpress I loved the journey.

I then shifted to Crowdsourcing (now the world is talking about it, wisdom of crowd. We started this journey almost three years back, a true learning experience. Now we know the mistakes GOG TV guys are making or the biggest thing is missing, we had made these mistakes too).

From Crowdsourcing I then shifted to HR Management, there is nothing as great as having a great team. Motivating, Mentoring and everything to get the right company climate (This article has few points that I agree to, not all though).

Few years back our VC (who happens to be a co-founder of a multi-billion company) said, “The most experienced people in the company should handle HR“. (Even Google does the same, after the final interview, but before an offer is extended, every Google hire, all 10,000-plus through 2006, is approved by one of Google’s founders, Sergey Brin or Michigan native and U-M graduate Larry Page.) Job as a recruiter is challenging and important. Currently I am serving Grmtech as a Leader (a mix of all, tech, markeing, HR).

Did anyone know that I have learned US credit system. From FICO score simulation to new Vantage score, from state-wise SOL to debt solution options, mortgages to insurances, payday loan sad stories to Grameen bank smiles and everything that comes in the way. I have handled few financial forums as moderator (now I hardly do, I am helping our team with our new mortgage book), surprising but true.

There is no fun in being perfect but there is much fun in trying. I am glad to see my blog under the top Indian HR/Management blogs. I hardly get time to blog a proper post. As of now I have almost 5 post in draft stage, hoping to finish it this weekend.

What is that I want to do now?
Beat Google
I want to beat Google, the adsense and adwords (The search world). (Is that possible, beating Google??????????) You can call me crazy but I am working towards it. My Philosophy behind this mission, “People want information not sites”. Look at this, I am searching for “Auto loan”, I get ten websites which will explain me “what an auto loan is about”. I do not think I am satisfied by reading ten sites with 1,00,000 of links to understand the same thing. I am designing one search engine which will not have duplicate information in search result, it will have the ever missing Human Intelligence Layer. Google tried it with co-op but its not the way for sure. Success is not guaranteed else it won’t have been so interesting. Lets see. Adsense and Adwords (similar feature) to have the distributed Human Intelligence layer. Its going to be fun.

Thanks to all the readers who bear my blog.

Update: Ranjan has put my blog under Technology list, thanks 🙂

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  1. WOW…
    it’s time to cherish…………..
    best of luck for beating google…. and i’m sure one day you’ll……….
    i’m wid you thru out the journey…..

  2. ……………… mein aur rakha hi kya hai…………………….. passion ke liye kuch bhi karega
    ………………………………………… go get it……

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