Blog Planner Beta is released

Blog planner Beta
I have been working and guiding Valerie and her team with Blog planner (based on my posting on “Next Posting List”). Finally the beta is released and I am asked to give it a final check. I am happy we are finally there with a great add-on for all the blogs and it is looking as cool as it can be.
blog planner
(See the right panel)

Let me explain “what and how” about it.
It is just a plain paper for your blog/website. You can use it in any way that you like ahnd here creativity is limitless. I will be using it for few things,

  1. To manage my next posting, a must for all the blogs which dreams of becoming a brand.
  2. My current status, where am I and what am I doing. I think blog should be able to cover more about you.
  3. For forum announcements at nimc forums.

You too can create the 100 ways of using it. Valerie has dedicated her blog for the 100 creative ways of using Blog planner.

How to get a blog planner?
Visit and choose a title for your blog planner and then either you need to signup or login (if already a member). Once done you get a code, paste it to your site and rest is managed from your blog. This is the simplest tool you can ever get for your blog. I am using it and recommend it for everyone else.

It is easy to use
Click on the edit button and you will be asked to log in once (secure cookie based login) and then you can edit the code with full BB code formating.
blog planner

Also you will be able to change the height width of the blog planner, also the colors.
blog planner

It will also keep all the edited copies under its revision control. More options to be added in the near future.

Final release will be done in 2 days
I have recommended few suggestions before it final release. Within a day or two it will be done. By then think of different ways of using it. If you have discovered another creative way of using the blog planner send it to and she will blog it by giving you complete credit.

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