Two extreme worlds

Had some long meetings yesterday (for Christian organization). Being a part of a professional world, where vision is taught but is well calculated with high possibility ratio, I am used to do feasibility studies before approving any plan. Yesterday was extremely different, when our team met for another small election as our treasurer was leaving for a new responsibility. New treasurer was elected and new auditors were appointed too, resolution were passed for changing the signatories at different banks. All happened in quick time and then came the bigger plans.

With a 5 digit bank balance, we were making plans for a multi 8 digit projects. I looked at the team members, all were full of faith as they have seen impossible becoming possible (sometimes on the very last day). After the meeting I started comparing the two worlds, its extremely different and different processes altogether. I am blessed to play similar roles at both levels, its truly learning experience. Here are some comparisons:-

  • Recruitment: Even with limited budget the recruitment is carefully drafted. Recruitment happens across the states on India, our representatives travel to the state for interviews. Even after selection during probation period they are made to stay with the recruiter for a month to observe them closely. Different values are inculcated during probation period. Different assignments are given. I was quite surprised when I was explained the process. Sometimes the recruitment takes 4 years too, where a passionate candidate is taught at different Bible colleges. People are extremely imp for any organization and this one is very particular about that.
  • Commitment over compensation: High attrition rate? Whats that? We have people working for years with very low compensation. They are very committed but sometimes I feel very bad for the little compensation they get.
  • Everyone a visionary – At professional space we all struggle to pass the mission (forget about visions), here everyone is so much in the line of vision that the work/missions becomes simpler.
  • Organized – If you ever feel high tech companies are better organized, change your thinking. Here every single day is documented, every single penny audited, weekly targets, monthly targets, quarterly reviews. Most of the work is done using excels and some part of it on tally.

There is so much to write about these two extreme worlds but I will give it a halt here as I am expecting some calls. I am so lucky to be associated with these two worlds, both adding different dimensions to your thinking.

Happy Chrrrristmassssssss to everyone – God bless

Time to celebrate but please do not forget Christ during Chirstmas :). I believe in God not because I am extra religious or I am different from others but because I feel much better after every prayer. I have seen things working miraculously with prayers. During this Christmas our Church is going different. Our Church is having a 21 days fasting till 31st Dec and the party starts 31st afternoon and continues throughout the day and night. I too am on fast for 2 days, just to thank God for all His benefits in my life. I keep telling my friends, “I am really lucky as there are hundreds and thousands of people who pray for me daily. It sounds odd but I really count on these prayers. The ideas you get needs to come and you actually do not know how to generate it but it is generated somehow”. If you have a prayer request, send me an email and we will pray for your need. May God bless you all this Christmas, all blessing for you and your family. And you be with your near and dear ones and be loved for ever.

Once again a Big and Happy Christmas to all
Happy Christmas

Final Call before the camps

As I mentioned in my previous posts that the camps season is near and now it is even nearer. Today we did our final rehearsal for the first camp (that is YPE camp at Bhilai). We had all type of programs like elocution, songs, stories, instrumental music for all groups. Our job was to fine tune it before the final show. Here are some pics

Last minute Choir tuning (Backstage)
YPE camp
(Click on the picture to enlarge it)
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Camp seasons are ahead

On 27th Aug we had our Kolkata CGPF committee meeting to decide about the upcoming regional ICPF camps (ICPF camp 2004, ICPF camp 2005) . This year we will be having few more camps compare to last year. Thus the total budgeted expenses are higher too. This year we need approx Rs 2,50,000 for next 2 months. This is a big requirement and we are rushing with our donation sheets to make it happen. We believe that God will provide everything; all we need to do is try. Last year the requirement was around Rs 1,00,000. Till the last day of camp we were running on loans but God provided enough to complete the camp debt free.

ICPF’s special musical team Angelos 2 will be available for all camps with their special vehicle. We will have great youth speakers for all the camps. We are expecting showers of blessing this year. This year ICPF kolkata had arranged many awareness programs like anti-aids, anti-drugs (the list will go on).

ICPF Kolkata camp will be held from Oct 3 to Oct 6 but during first 2 days I will be traveling to Bhilai for YPE camp (Youth People Endeavor, where different youths from different regional state churches come together for competition). For last three times our church is winning the trophy and for this year also we are expecting it. Almost 8 years back my first YPE camp at Vizag as secretary of YPE Kolkata Chapter was a great learning experience when with just 10 members we won the competitions marginally. That experience taught me many things about team power. I am waiting for the camp seasons and praying to God for all the needs.

KBTC (Kolkata Bible Training Center) ver 1 is launched today

Finally under the guidance of ICPF and CGPF, KBTC (Kolkata Bible Training Center) is launched. This is an effort to teach laymen The Word Of God. It is a good starting to a much-needed center.

By the Grace of God I am serving CGPF (senior wing to ICPF) as secretary for last 3 years. ICPF is reaching out to thousands of youths every year with awareness programs, campaigns like anti-drug, anti-aids e.t.c. I have learned a lot of things through this opportunity.

Now I am looking forward for the next responsibility as a member of KBTC Board of Management. The current configuration of KBTC follows,

  • Mr. Koshy Samuel David – Chairman
  • Pastor P.S. Mani – Vice President
  • Mr. K.P. John – Secretary
  • Mr. P.O. Kuruvilla – Treasurer
  • Rev. Abraham C. Mathew
  • Mr. Joseph Joy (Members)
  • Mr. P.C. Chacko (Members)
  • Mr. Aji Issac (Members)
  • Staff Workers of ICPF Kolkata Chapter as Invitees

The Board of Faculty consists of:-

  • Mr. K.P. John – Director
  • Rev. Abraham C. Mathew – Dy. Director
  • Mr. Joseph Joy – Registrar
  • Rev K.K. Sunny (Members)
  • Rev V.C. Georgekutty (Members)
  • Pastor P.S. Mani (Members)
  • Rev. Prasad Abraham

The first class of KBTC will be held on 7th of Aug 2006. Asking God’s blessing for this venture.

Our Sunday School

Hey meet my Sunday school class, a batch of talented kids. I feel honored to be associated with them. We discuss and learn. They were winning all competitions for last few years and with a very significant margin almost acquiring two to three time more points than the nearest competitor. Wishing all the best and praying for their success.
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ICPF – Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship, Kolkatta Camp 2005

Last year ICPF have touched thousands of young souls. Our Last camp (year 2004) was a great success, we were able to deliver some good thoughts to nextGen. The theme of our last camp was “jago aur jagoa(rise and shine)” , this year we are going with “barpur jeevan (full and filled life)”.

ICPF ca,p 2004

In our last CGPF (senior wing to ICPF) committee meeting we discussed the financial matters and found that we are seriously falling short of sponsorship. The date is near, 2005 oct 17,18,19 and 20 , we have just $75 dollar balance when we require $2400 for one camp expenses alone. We are planning to conduct a camp in

  • Bokaro Steel City
  • Siliguri
  • Rourkela
  • Patna
  • Kohima

And other parts of this region. Every unit is working hard to meet the expenses; we met the mayor for discounts but yet to see some good responses. We are praying for it, let God work over the issues. Please pray for the camp; also if you are interested in supporting the mission with some donation, please let me know. I will forward it to the concern person. May God bless you all; icpf is committed to bring a change among college and school kids.

mail me at [email protected] to know more about ICPF.