Merry Christmas – Know the Greatest Gift

Merry Christmas to everyone! May God bless everyone with His Riches this year! Christmas is a great season of love, sharing, caring and joy. We forget everything bad and wish everyone a Merry Christmas with all Joy.

Christmas is just not about Drinking or Eating,
Its not about just gifting and meeting,
Its is certainly not about forgetting the Bday Boy,
Its not all about the vanishing Joy,
Its about Life, Its about the purpose and Its about YOU.

This Season I want to introduce you the Greatest Gift that a Christmas offers. I am writing this as many don’t understand the true meaning of Christmas and why it is to be celebrated (I don’t feel sorry for the commercialization done by the companies but I feel sorry for unthematic acceptance by us). We all know that it is about the Birth of Jesus but may not understand the purpose of it. I will write it in simpler words:

  • Jesus came to this world to give us a life through him. Every sinner needs to die says all the laws, so says the God too. Jesus came to die for us that we can get an eternal life through Him (Sometimes it is good to think what will happen to us after we die) John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only-begotten Son, that whosoever believes on him may not perish, but have life eternal“. The Joy is the joy of getting a Life through the Saviour, so everyone celebrates it with such Great Joy.

So let this Christmas be a little more meaningful for all of us :). We celebrate it in a different way. “A family that prays together stays together“, we all fast this whole day and spend the whole day at Church praying, singing, dancing and thanking. It is a Great Day!

Merry Christmas to all!

If you have missed the cake do ping me before it is too late 🙂 Some captured moments before my finish my post.

Christmas Cake
(Cake distribution at Office)

Christmas Santa
(Santa on all of our computers :), thanks to Hardeep for this)

Honey! I want to shrink my CV

Recently I had an opportunity to talk to some of the great industry heads with great experiences and few patents. It was more fun than serious talk. Talked about web 2.0 stuffs, experiences in startup company, cluster for DBs, when technology can become bottleneck, social network technologies and many more things. It was great.

While talking, one of the technical head asked me, “Aji, where do you want to see yourself after 3 or 5 years“. This is quite a common question when you talk to a career oriented guy. It was a brainy session but some answers come out of your heart irrespective of your brain size, it was just another moment where it just came out of my heart. I almost answered it this way,

“Honey! I want to shrink my CV”

I was so happy that my heart answered so wonderfully (sometimes you should just allow your heart to flow). After the answer there was no further question about my career, goal or objective. Here is a small briefing for those who don’t understand what it actually means. In some years I want to shrink my CV to one line, “Aji Issac, Team/founder/Architect/blah, XYZ product, 200* – 20**“. Thats an advantage of working with product based companies.

This also answer few common questions thrown at me at various occasions by our Team members:

  1. What will be my position after X years?.
  2. I want to be senior programmer after 1 year, senior-senior programmer after 3 year, super-duper programmer after 5 years and many be programming guru after 10 years”, does your company allows that?
  3. Why is my position the same for last 2 years?

In product based company your position keeps changing every moment:

  • After one year – 2007: Aji Issac, ABC profile, XYZ product (Used by 2 people)
  • After two years – 2008: Aji Issac, ABC profile, XYZ product (Used by 2000 people)
  • After three years – 2009: Aji Issac, ABC profile, XYZ product (Used by 2 million people)
  • After five years – 2011: Aji Issac, ABC profile, XYZ product (Used by almost every other people who uses web)

Thats the time when you can say, “Aji Issac, ABC profile, XYZ product, 2008 – 2011“. Take pride in working for products and product based companies. For selfish reasons make it work. If you are a company head/founder then make sure everyone working with you have have enough shares/stocks of your product (in black and white) else don’t expect the same commitment (This small move can create all the difference for your company). Enjoy the day!

Video: Knowledge is biased Ideas are not

Finding it really difficult to find time for blogging. Just spent two days in office to finish off the pending works. I got up a little late yesterday, around 9am as slept very late after work. This video is from the office bed (guest room). This video is my personal experience. I have seen people thinking too less of themselves just because of the knowledge limitation.

So what if I am not from IITs or IIMs” was always been my attitude in life. Knowledge is certainly biased but Ideas are not. This concept is very difficult to conceive but once synced deep within blood you can discover a special person, a special confidence in you. I kept my attitude very high when I worked as librarian or a voluntary teacher (for 2 years, every Sunday, was great experience) or even when I was made secretary to Kolkata youth chapter. Its not how much you know, its about how much detailed you are, how much passionate you are and how much deep thinking you can do. So knowledge just adds on to your Ideas, fine tunes it but never a must for bringing a great Idea.

Enjoy the Video (I am not sure whether I was able to pen down my thought properly here, sorry was in real hurry, do ask/debate/agree comment). Happy Friday!

Lead India Ad – Really touchy

Anyone who know me knows my passion towards ads. Here is an ad that is really touchy (may be a completely person opinion), very well made.

Here is a quote that I can very well gel with the theme of the ad, “Sometimes you need to take few steps all alone to see if there are others to follow….” (copyright on the quote, ask me before copying 🙂 )

Well, I am planning to upload some videos using my not so old N95.