When you wish for good things, good things happen

I was reading Alok’s inspiring post on how blogging changed things for him, I picked one sentence which I strongly believe in “When you wish for good things, good things happen”. In our previous office one the things my boss wanted to build was a fountain where there is a boy in the middle of the fountain trying to touch the stars. It meant, when you try to  do great things, higher things, the required resources comes to you (The water springs coming towards boy from all direction).

Good things happen

Also during our B-School, someone wrote the yearly punch line as “It feels good to be good”. Many did not like the punch line at all. I personally did not like it at that time but later it was one of my best punch lines ever. “It really feels good to be good”.

Always wish to do good.

  • People were not as fortunate as you to be there where you are, so don’t shout at them, help them
  • When someone misbehave, it hardly impacts you physically, only it impacts you if you take it negatively. If you ignore that as a immature act, you will feel even better.

Bridgestone Blizzak DM V2

Many occasions where I wish good and good happened:

  • There was a person who wanted help with http and https duplicate content removal in Search Engine, I did not wanted to take money (as I was against freelancing), I helped him fix it not expecting anything. Later he sent me PPTs, PDFs, books etc that he collected from so many conferences (exclusive and expensive stuff). It was a WOW experience.
  • There was a person who came for interview, he was messed up, he got rejected, before leaving he asked me the answers and went into detailing, I spent almost an hour with him explaining it. After 5 years, when we started the company, he called me to pitch for his business school. He also explained me, how that interview helped him. He helped me with the complete pitching.
  • So many instances like that.

If you look at religious books:

  • Bible says: Throw your bread into running waters and it shall come back to you after many days http://bible.cc/ecclesiastes/11-1.htm
  • Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Ma phaleshou kada chana, Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarmani
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One of the best quotes I recently read was something like this (I am unable to recall it as it was) “When you don’t focus on your returns, when you focus on doing really well for someone, you can expect amazing innovation”.

Live every day doing good, trust in God, God will help you trust in yourself, people will trust you, good things will happen to you.