Indian Firefox gang – Lets be #1 firefox fan

Are you still living with Internet Explorers. Try firefox fellows, lets get firefox 3, a new generation all together. I just got an invitation for firefox download day on June 17, 2008. Are you ready. Indians are far behind.

Go ahead and pledge.

Total pledges so far

  • Total – 1,082,445
  • US – 178,972 – 16%
  • India19277- 1.7%

For more detailed stat, click here

Firefox download day

Indian fans, lets do our part, lets invite our friends and lets be the #1 firefox fans. I have already pledged for it and forwarded to all my friends.

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Finally I got the sourceforge project approved I had worked with hedir to make the multi user wordpress work.

There are many more things left like,

  • A proper user management.
  • Themes edit (which is a big challenge)

I am sure this is much better than If you are interested in working with me on this project please contact ajinimc(at) I will get back to blogging next month.

Generating 403 errors from Document root

I wanted to generate a 403 error at the document root in absence for Document Index files (index.html and index.php). I tried various things with no success. Even the other team programmers asked this question at various forums, they all got the same suggestions:-

  • This looks like a .htaccess problem, check your .htaccess carefully, or
  • Check the Document Index.
  • Check the “Options Indexes” properly.

These were the responses I was getting and rightly so as these can be some possibilities as well. Even after all these work I could not make it work. I then decided to approach my boss (a technical geek by choice and management guru by profession). He then asked me to remove the following like from the httpd.conf LoadModule autoindex_module modules/ and it worked. I certainly need to do some more study to understand this module better. In case someone like me in urgent need of a hint can get it through this blog post.

“Do not forget to restart the Apache server :)”

Dynamic sub-domains with PHP

I got this email from one of the php usergroups,

“I have to create subdomains dynamically by php when an user registered in my site. Anybody who knows the script and procedure , please send me ASAP.”

I hate repeating things so better let it go live than bury inside a usergroup. Here I go with the answer.

Step 1: Make the following entry to your apache http.conf
ServerAlias * ( do not forget to restart apache 🙂 )
Step 2: Now remember that all the query comes to same doc root. Now you need to catch it using .htaccess and process it the way you want.

Also make sure your dns is able to process your sub-domains properly. These simple steps will make it happen.

My Daily News Page

I always had problem going through all tech sites to get the latest news , now I have compiled all together on a single page at , I call it goodmorning Page.

You too can make it a goodmorning page , starting your day with it. I have two more pages , one dealing with debt consolidation and another the top stories across all the leading news sites.

so here are your good morning pages

All was possible with RSS and CARP ( Displaying RSS feeds on your site) . I had some problems with Carp as well, I did some code manipulation to make it work. I will soon share it here.

Country-State-City Database

I wanted a drop down for country , state and city and doubted the possibility. I scanned the internet for few DBs, I got the country DBs from many websites but there was no single available through top google search allowing me a country state drop down.

I decided to search further and got the following things for :-

  1. – A free Geo IP country DB
  2. , also I checked my databases and found that I already have the city database.

Now the problem was how to map between country and state. I found the maxmind systems are following some standard codes ,

  • for country (it is ISO 3166 Country Codes)
  • for state it is following FIPS 10-4 Subcountry codes , which is a combination of country and region code , example for India the regions are :-
    IN,01,”Andaman and Nicobar Islands”
    IN,02,”Andhra Pradesh”
    IN,06,”Dadra and Nagar Haveli”

This solved my mapping problem but now I have to convert it to a DB to make it a perfect dropdown. I do not want it to refresh the page with every drop down so I have planned to use jpspan .

This will solve the problem and also I have asked my team to provide the DB for free.

Have a nice Day.