H-1B visas, demand Vs supply

If your company is keeping a watch over the H-1B visas, here is some interesting news for this year,

On Tuesday, the U.S. government announced that this year’s limit on H-1B visas had already been reached after only one day, the first time in history the annual cap had been reached so quickly. Since 1990, American employers have relied on the visas to hire skilled foreign workers for up to six years, often in computer- or engineering-related jobs.

Politicians may work towards it

The reason for the surge matters: Congress is expected to hold hearings on raising the limit later this year, and will surely question why the quota was reached so instantly. Technology companies argue the surge is further proof that the quota must be increased, while opponents say there are enough Americans to do those jobs already.

The gap in “ability to innovate” is reducing faster than the gap in “living standards and environment for innovation”. Till few months back I was rejecting any abroad offers, which I am taking it seriously now (including a research offer and a one month seminar options). Till now my focus was on learning. I was getting enough time to learn and innovate but now I am feeling a little frustrated. With no current abroad offers I am looking for one. Why I want to move abroad,

  • I want to focus on some research topics with my job and sadly I am not getting any such environment here. We do not have good universities which focus on research, all focus on education.
  • Industrial peers (students by attitude) who believe in innovation and research. In India we take our jobs as jobs, a way to earn money. I want to get into an environment where we can spend some time on innovation (with no upper limits for failure count).
  • A little speedy life.
  • To experience the cultural diversification.
  • Income, expenses and taxes balancing out offering no chuck(net disposable income converging to a different zero with value almost equal to 0) for additional purchases.

There are pluses and minuses for every decision but a change takes care of few minuses making the whole equation a positive one. Lets see what the life has to offer.