My Magical wallet is dead

I want to blog more often but then I am (happily) keeping myself busy with so many other things that blogging is almost not getting its deserved time. Now I have 5 minutes to blog post :). I am going to write about my magical wallet. It is finally dead and replaced with another lower range (hopefully more organized) wallet.

Magical wallet
(My dead magical wallet)

Why magical?
It’s rather funny but true. If the first search says you have 0 Rs inside then search again to find other 100 Rs (in folded notes, hidden coins) and so on. Search once more and you might find some money for one time meal (applicable only in Kolkata). It was so messed up that coins used to hide inside notes and notes behind coins.

The last words from my magical wallet
I (wallet) played my role well but you (Aji) did not take care of me. I wish you didn’t have put following things inside me:

  1. Two bunch of keys.
  2. All bills folded.
  3. Your class notes.
  4. Orbits.
  5. Identity cards from your school days.
  6. Other plastic cards. (Why the hell you need so many membership??)
  7. Over 50 Coins sometimes (Do you remember how you paid 50 rs using coins only?)
  8. Comb (Yuk!!!! your comb used to enter inside me sometimes)
  9. Small pen (I don’t know who invented it but certainly I would have killed that Chinese guy? Chinese is just a guess as behind such innovation u see Chinese only :).)

You killed me Aji
The last but the most important point, you sat on almost everyday. I was full with almost all craps and moreover YOU SAT ON ME. I survived for 5 years but finally I am dead, thanks to you Aji.

Stop laughing
It was a woodland (soft leather) wallet worth 1,200 Rs (5 years back) and very comfortable. I shifted to a relatively cheaper one this time. You can wish it best of luck 🙂

Happy new week!
(Btw I will keep myself busy reading books and implementing some of the theories.)

5 Books for the month

These days I am spending a lot of time reading new books (Sitting on the floors of starmark, scanning different books, is fun). This Saturday I spent almost 2 hours scanning the business books. I am reading a lot about usability these days. Apart from sharing the ideas at, I am reading following books this month:

  1. Don’t make me think:
    don't make me think
    I am done with it. You can get a summary of it at
  2. The Starfish and the Spider by Ori Brafman and Rod A. Beckstrom:
    The Starfish and the Spider
    It was little hard read for initial pages but later it is a smooth ride. Good for a tech person as it has examples from tech world. You can read some of the reviews to get more about it.
  3. Why We Buy: The Science Of Shopping by Paco Underhill:
    Why we buy
    Just read some pages. Good. I also say another book by the same author, call of the mall.
  4. Information Architecture for the World Wide Web
    Designing Large-scale Web Sites
    by By Louis Rosenfeld & Peter Morville:
    Information Architecture for the World Wide Web
Designing Large-scale Web Sites
    I am loving this book. It needs time but surely an authority book for all web developers.
  5. Purple cow Vs How would you move mount Fuji
    purple cow
    This is good book. I liked many of his books. I read few more at starmarks this Saturday. I may not read this book this month as I am loving “How Would You Move Mount Fuji? Microsoft’s Cult of the Puzzle – How the World’s Smartest Company Selects the Most Creative Thinkers”.

So I may not be able to blog this month as well. I have some post under draft, “You feel frustrated when you are frustrated“, “a webby advice for airtel“, “Soon I will be meeting Anil Ambani” and some more. Have a great Monday!