shifting of web hosting server

My friend Dennis was very good to me with whom I hosted for last 2 years. I want some more facility like .htaccess (mod_write) and ssh so I have shifted the host today.

The work is still going on but the very first thing I did was making the blog run. May be in a day or two we will be able to settle things to the proper state.

Our Sunday School

Hey meet my Sunday school class, a batch of talented kids. I feel honored to be associated with them. We discuss and learn. They were winning all competitions for last few years and with a very significant margin almost acquiring two to three time more points than the nearest competitor. Wishing all the best and praying for their success.
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Manager vs. programmer – My Story

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I am working with R&D team, exploring new things, doing programming, optimizing codes, handling servers but on the other hand I have 5 to 6 teams which summate to 40 people. Handling people is art so is programming, each module demands time so does each member. The problem was not work, I can work both as a manager and a programmer but it was the thinking, a manager’s mind and a programmer’s mind. Do managers work? Do programmers like documentation? I spent almost a month with my boss which helped me improve as a manager cum programmer, in tech terms a Techno-Manager.
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