Simplest Tax and Budgeting tool

Note: Budgeting tool can be used in any country but the Tax tool is only for India.

I always end up more tax than others as I am not good at planning my finances. My financial consultant keep advising me for a stronger saving mentality. Somewhere I am still not able to manage it. My friends know me ki “mein aisa hi hoon”. Our HR manager is trying to help us save some more money this year. She forwarded a simpler tool to help us plan better. You too can benefit from it. – Creator’s note – “My name is Nithyanand. I am not a Chartered Accountant, but am a Software Professional working in Bangalore. This tax calculator has been made with the information I have. I don’t claim this to be 100% accurate.”

Nithyanand, your hard work is highly appreciated and people like us seriously needed a simpler Billu tool like this. I am already using one budgeting tool (but not to its fullest :().

Budgeting tool – It says, “Even grandma can use it”.

Budgeting tool
It is really one simple tool to use. Not a complex one to understand. I am sure you will love this tool (even the grandma :)) as well.

Enjoy the financial success with these simple tools.

Checking some debt solvers

I am working on some artilces explaining the best ways to solve your debts, this is simple Started writing on it again,

The formula is simple,

  1. Increase Income.
  2. Reduce debt
  3. Try the comination of both

When I was a college student I always stressed on (1) more than (2) but later in life realized that “one penny saved is more than one earned”.