Video: Http Vs Https – Duplicate content issues

The solution using htaccess

# Redirecting the robots.txt file for htaccess to stop https crawling to avoid duplicate content.
RewriteCond % 443 [NC]
RewriteRule ^robots.txt$ robots_ssl.txt [L]

There are other ways of solving it too like

< ?php if ($_SERVER["SERVER_PORT"] == 443) { echo "< meta name=" robots " content=" noindex,nofollow " > ";

You can even do canonicalization but it is not always possible as you want both the urls to be accessible.

Video: Knowledge is biased Ideas are not

Finding it really difficult to find time for blogging. Just spent two days in office to finish off the pending works. I got up a little late yesterday, around 9am as slept very late after work. This video is from the office bed (guest room). This video is my personal experience. I have seen people thinking too less of themselves just because of the knowledge limitation.

So what if I am not from IITs or IIMs” was always been my attitude in life. Knowledge is certainly biased but Ideas are not. This concept is very difficult to conceive but once synced deep within blood you can discover a special person, a special confidence in you. I kept my attitude very high when I worked as librarian or a voluntary teacher (for 2 years, every Sunday, was great experience) or even when I was made secretary to Kolkata youth chapter. Its not how much you know, its about how much detailed you are, how much passionate you are and how much deep thinking you can do. So knowledge just adds on to your Ideas, fine tunes it but never a must for bringing a great Idea.

Enjoy the Video (I am not sure whether I was able to pen down my thought properly here, sorry was in real hurry, do ask/debate/agree comment). Happy Friday!