Twisted answer – “Teacher” is the best job in the world

We were discussing about our jobs and one of us said “teacher” is the best job in the world (in terms of job satisfaction) as they limited responsibilities and many other reasons to count. So argued about having your own business is more satisfying. And of course, there was a group supporting IT sector, high profile branded job and so on …

I had been a librarian, a volunteer teacher (taught every sunday for almost 2 years), secretaries, programmer, researcher, team leader, marketing head, leader and a lot more full time jobs …. what I have seen is:

  1. I see that every sector offers space for innovation and improvements.
  2. I see that every sector offers great satisfaction of achievement when we achieve some targets and standards. In library, it was about how to make more and more people read books, in programming it was about the final display with no errors.
  3. and more …..

Now I am on discussion point on whether the job satisfaction is about job or person or both? I will say both, everyone will say both? But how much person and how much job then :)?

I get dissatisfied with my job when

  1. I don’t see money coming my way
  2. I see my boss is screwing himself and his company AND ME
  3. I see mistakes, I suggest improvements but still the politics hardly allows the change
  4. I see a mismatch with my expertise for long run (This is just not that very important), I am still open to become a travel guide and I will fit in my expertise there, or a cook … But when I have spent years into a line, i will like to milk it.
  5. The company is selling my blood for money … Some people are never happy with the quantity of work .. they demand more … I will SAY NOOOOOOOOOO to them right then … run company where we all earn our breads and the owner his cake.

I am in hurry so stopping here, whats your take on it?

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  1. Thanks for the comment “your old friend” 🙂 … Different eyes different viewpoint … when I write I try to express from my experience.

    We are working on SFC (SEOforClients) these days.

    Best Regards,

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