I got an email from Krishna Srikanth with a link to PHP 5 PPT. This is an old PPT, “Introduction to PHP 5” presented on September 22rd 2004 at Toronto, Canada by Ilia Alshanetsky. Hope it helps.

Wow, my Blog under top Indian HR/Management blogs

A blog list compiled by the top Indian blogger (thanks Amit for compiling the list). I saw my blog under HR/Marketing/Finance category. I was happy to see that and also a very nostalgic moment, I just looked back for once. to recap the journey I had so far.

My expertise is Technology (Web Technology mainly), I always loved to handle the toughest Technical challenges, from Kerberos, RSA encryption to backward reservation protocol, from htaccess to making a single-user wordpress a multi-user wordpress I loved the journey.

I then shifted to Crowdsourcing (now the world is talking about it, wisdom of crowd. We started this journey almost three years back, a true learning experience. Now we know the mistakes GOG TV guys are making or the biggest thing naukri.com is missing, we had made these mistakes too).

From Crowdsourcing I then shifted to HR Management, there is nothing as great as having a great team. Motivating, Mentoring and everything to get the right company climate (This article has few points that I agree to, not all though).

Few years back our VC (who happens to be a co-founder of a multi-billion company) said, “The most experienced people in the company should handle HR“. (Even Google does the same, after the final interview, but before an offer is extended, every Google hire, all 10,000-plus through 2006, is approved by one of Google’s founders, Sergey Brin or Michigan native and U-M graduate Larry Page.) Job as a recruiter is challenging and important. Currently I am serving Grmtech as a Leader (a mix of all, tech, markeing, HR).

Did anyone know that I have learned US credit system. From FICO score simulation to new Vantage score, from state-wise SOL to debt solution options, mortgages to insurances, payday loan sad stories to Grameen bank smiles and everything that comes in the way. I have handled few financial forums as moderator (now I hardly do, I am helping our team with our new mortgage book), surprising but true.

There is no fun in being perfect but there is much fun in trying. I am glad to see my blog under the top Indian HR/Management blogs. I hardly get time to blog a proper post. As of now I have almost 5 post in draft stage, hoping to finish it this weekend.

What is that I want to do now?
Beat Google
I want to beat Google, the adsense and adwords (The search world). (Is that possible, beating Google??????????) You can call me crazy but I am working towards it. My Philosophy behind this mission, “People want information not sites”. Look at this, I am searching for “Auto loan”, I get ten websites which will explain me “what an auto loan is about”. I do not think I am satisfied by reading ten sites with 1,00,000 of links to understand the same thing. I am designing one search engine which will not have duplicate information in search result, it will have the ever missing Human Intelligence Layer. Google tried it with co-op but its not the way for sure. Success is not guaranteed else it won’t have been so interesting. Lets see. Adsense and Adwords (similar feature) to have the distributed Human Intelligence layer. Its going to be fun.

Thanks to all the readers who bear my blog.

Update: Ranjan has put my blog under Technology list, thanks 🙂

Economics of abundance?

Economics of abundance? Then what happened to the economics of scarcity (real and virtual)? Demand Vs Supply graphs? Things are changing, even google embraced it for a longer innings when they redefined gmail marketing (“by invitation only” to “open for all”).

Go through http://www.longtail.com/the_long_tail/2006/10/the_economics_o.html for economics of abundance. You can also go through the PPT, http://www.longtail.com/poptech.ppt.

This is certainly a change in perspective. Around 2 years back we had integrated the virtual scarcity with many marketing campaigns successfully, now what works is the freedom. Does this change reflecting at Human resource level as well? a point of discussion for sure.

Google SERP showing the link visited time

Now Google is showing the link visited time. This will help me understand that I have visited these pages. How will this help user? I haven’t seen any announcement by google guys yet. I did some tests to understand more about Google visited link time option. Some of the queries I had, Is it cookie based (then it is not better than the visited link color change)? Is it user based? Is it query based? Is it computer or browser based? I found following answers to my queries

Summary of observation

  1. Observation 0: I saw the time with the search results
  2. Observation 1: Once I logged out I was not able to see it, user based
  3. Observation 2: When I logged back I was able to see it. Also I tried it from a different browser from the same machine. Also from a different machine and it showed.
  4. Observation 3: It is not query based, I searched with a different query and it still worked.

Is this a replacement for the browser based visited link color?

(Description with screenshots below)

  1. Observation 0: I saw the time with the search results
    Google search time
    (Example see the time with the first and second link)

  2. Observation 1: Once I logged out I was not able to see it
    Google search time
    (The visited link color tells me that I have visited these links earlier)

  3. Observation 2: When I logged back I was able to see it. Also I tried it from a different browser from the same machine. Also from a different machine and it showed.
    Google search time
    (The visited link color does not tell me that I have visited these links earlier, google is able to tell me that now, VERY HELPFUL here)

  4. Observation 3: It is not query based, I searched with a different query and it still worked.
    Google search time

Enjoy Google, Enjoy innovation

Further scrutiny of wink.com

I am deep in work with the AGM lined up, last Sunday had meetings to approve the financial report but due to some confusion could not approve the reports. It is rescheduled for 29th of this month and AGM on 6th May (for ICPF, Kolkata Chapter). I need to send personal letters to all the shareholders before this Sunday as per rules. On 22 we have our church AGM. With all these work I am enjoying the wink team mails and comments.

Some more feedback before heading to work. After a serious scrutiny I got another mail from their team (Highly appreciated, very professional approach). Also I got permission to publish it on blog, here it is

Hi Aji,

I read your posts. You raised some good points! Thanks so much for all the feedback.

Oh and I have no problem with you posting my email on the blog. I’m glad that you took the time to try out Wink again and I’d be glad to talk with you about Wink any time you have questions.

If you want to do a post in future about trying to get the Wink Widget and setting it up somewhere (like on your blog) I’d be thrilled to hear your feedback about how that process works as well. As you already know, there’s nothing more valuable than the feedback of users.

Thanks again!

Also I got another mail which said,

Greetings Aji Issac

Matthew Stotts has posted a comment about you!

Click here to check out the comment: http://wink.com/AjiNIMC–profile


Scrutiny 1: Why a link to http://wink.com/winksearch–profile, instead there be a link to Matthew Stotts profile (adding only the link that is needed, visitors brain cycles are expensive events).

I then visited my own profile to read my comments
Scrutiny 2: If you want the message section to grow and used frequently then it should be a separate page which less of module calls. Speed is important says Google (and Aji). Also I want to see what I want to see, I wanted to see my messages not my complete profile this time. In orkut people participate because they see what they want to see, the messages. It will be a good idea to separate the message from profile page. You may end having more participation on message pages than profile pages. I liked profile page as I can forward it to my friends to show my Internet presence points. You need to separate the pages as per the purpose. Very important marketing lesson, “Pages should define its purpose and should be structured accordingly”.

Gosh, again a confusion
Wink Feedback
(What will you think first? To reply to Matthew I can post my comments just below it).

I did the same, I posted the comments below it and it appeared just below my profile. I am not sure whether Mathew will come to know about this or not.
Wink further feedback
Scrutiny 3: “Add your comment: (No HTML please) ” does not make sense, either it should be “Add a message for AjiNIMC” or something similar. What is this comments meant for? It needs to be clearly stated. Also a reply button will be helpful.

Since I added a comment under my profile I got a mail as well (I am aware that I added a comment, so why this mail. Any task that is done extra will create complexity)

Greetings Aji Issac

Aji Issac has posted a comment about you!

Click here to check out the comment: http://wink.com/AjiNIMC–profile


I am loving these feedback sessions, thanks to wink’s team for motivating me to take this step. Hope it helps (Please ignore spelling mistakes, I am writing in hurry). Good day.

Letter from orkut fan

I got this mail from one of our youth pastors, he is a big time orkut fan (I have mailed him to get a permission to publish his name with this post, but you are free to guess 🙂 ). Here he goes …………..

Dear friends
Welcome to the Orkut revolution…!
I marvel how this thing called Orkut could

  • bring me back in touch with friends from school & college days
  • keep me in touch with friends from church, chai shop, circus(lol!) etc…
  • and of course help me meet new friends…

At one click of a mouse, I am updated about my friend in Tennessee or in Timbuctoo or Tatanagar…
Its a brand new world…its the 21st century Global village…
Oh yes…its great guys & gals like you who make it worthwhile to be on orkut!
But anything fantastic & friendly can also be fanatic & fiendish. I was thinking of the best way to keep this ORKUT revolution…really refreshing & real and not raw & ruthless.
Because of my passion for acronyms I tried to cook up one for ORKUT. Its not the best, but it explains best my personal guidelines, when I am on orkut. If it helps…its great.. .otherwise…forget about it…

O – Original Presentation of who I am(I enjoy the way God made me, I don’t have to try to become more presentable with more colorful words about myself(though it can be creative!)or a picture which is not me)
R – Respect others privacy & Scrap-Books(hmmm…its a tough one, but i generally avoid reading conversations on others scrap-book)
K – Kindness in my use of words, pictures etc(specially online – the words we use to scrap or write presents our public profile…and if we disagree with someone the scrap book is not the best place to present our views…as the whole world reads it..woah!)
U – Use of my personal information is selective (hmmm…I avoid giving the privilege to WTC Bombers or other terrorists or people with similar tendencies, to get in touch with me..lol)
T – Talk beyond the Orkut(this is a difficult one especially for introverts like me who find it easier to chat online than in chat in person. But I have to consciously have to remind myself that there is a real world beyond the WEB)

Its great, this thing called Orkut…its makes me feel good…it gives me privilege to make others feel good…and in general stay good!

Stay Orkutted,(sorry…connected , I mean!!!)

lovehappens.com, linkedzone.com – more social networking site

[Note: Some of my related popular posts are: 1) why mistakes are often mistaken – It talks about what are real mistakes. 2) Orkut used for crime, is orkut responsible for it anyway? ]

After doing a scrutiny on wink.com I got another invitation from another social networking site. Gosh! I am sure now we need a complete directory (Hedir guys do something, Help!) to list all these social networking sites. This time it is with a weird name lovehappens.com. Thats not all, in last 24 hrs I got another invitation, one from linkedzone.com. I haven’t even opened these sites to explore it. I am sure good rain has started causing bad flood. I have already tagged tagged.com for crossing the line.

I wish I could ask them following question?

  • Why you exist?
  • How are you better than orkut?
  • Is there anything in you that orkut can’t copy or develop? If they can, I am sure they will, why should I shift my base then?

Do read my post “In social networking flies attract flied not honey“. Guys please answer the above questions that I can explore your site. Thanks keep spamming me.