Is Orkut’s Memetic strength a misinterpretation?

Are you orkut by now or still a chirkut? I doubt whether we have seen a better meme than “orkut”, creating a memeplexe. Let me get to the focused point, “Is Orkut’s Memetic strength a misinterpretation?” In other words, “Is Orkut’s marketing strength misinterpreted?” So what then are we talking about? You are right, “scrapbooks” the most viral of all orkut tools.

Aji Orkut is an inactive Orkutian as I have hardly invited a person or taken extra pain to write to other’s scrapbook (though recently I have started scrapping here and there). Even after being inactive I have over 50 scraps (after deleting few). My scrapbook is filled with daily halchal (hindi word for “hi hello” phrases) like “how are you doing?” or “whats up man?” Is it what Orkut Buyukkokten wanted with his scrapbook?

Orkut Buyukkokten’s original Interpretation of scrapbook
(Text taken from Orkut Answer 11796)

The scrapbook feature is another way for you to add tidbits of information to your profile. Share a funny story or reveal a little known fact about yourself. Click on the “formatting tips” button to learn how to change the color of the text or add a smiley face.

Point 1: You can scrap your own scrapbook with additional stories, an extension to your profile.

You can also add messages to other members’ scrapbooks. To do this, visit their profile and click on the “view scrapbook” button. Enter your message into the box and click “submit.” Your entry will appear in their profile instantly. If you change your mind about what you’ve written, you can always return to their scrapbook and click the “delete” link next to your scrap.

Point 2: Your views about the person, or a simple message. According to orkut answer 11800 scrapbook can be used as an alternative to orkut testimonials.

Market’s misinterpretation of scrapbook
I think I can call it a misinterpretation as it doesn’t seems right for me but still we love it as perfection is just another viewpoint. How many times have you seen people scrapping their own scrapbook? I think I am the only fool who did it as an entrant to orkut (now I do not do it after being stopped).
orkut scrapbook

What are then real people (real user) using it for? It is getting used for conversation. If my scrapbook says, “Anil: How are you?” (by friend Anil) then I am suppose to go to his scrapbook and say, “Aji: I am doing good and how is you doing?”. For a third person my scrapbook is really a crap full of questions or incomplete conversation. I am sure no one has the patience to go to other users scrapbook to read the complete conversation. I hardly see people using it as an alternative for testimonials except few like the following image.
orkut scrapbook messages

Does it matter at all?
Whether it’s a misinterpretation or imperfect use of a perfect tool, it hardly matters as the king (the end users or customers) has accepted it whole-heartedly. This is a perfect example of a marketing model where the market decided the real use of scrapbook over the catalog.

An advice for Orkut Buyukkokten
When the king says, “Earth is flat” better we accept it and revamp our own documents saying, “we knew the earth will remain flat and this application is a right fit when it is flat”. Whatever it is orkut still rocks as a viral tool.

I am offering a platform for interpretation
With the launch of my new baby, a blog planner, I am also offering a platform for interpretation. This leaves no room for misinterpretations, as the kings are free to redefine the perfect use again.

24 Replies to “Is Orkut’s Memetic strength a misinterpretation?”

  1. I don know about others but what i feel orkut is a good place for time pass and sometime it comes to real use as ORKUT made me communicate with you and it was of great importance. Thnx for your help and Live long ORKUT 😀

  2. Aji sir,

    At times when people have stopped using messengers and emails, the only option left is orkut scraps….

    To get in touch with them there is no other medium but to use this one for communication. I dont see any harm in using this medium for mundane conversation but such scraps should be scrapped after finishing the conversation.


  3. Yes Kaushik and Anil, There is no harm as the customer is the real king and whatever they do is the final go. When I was stopped from writing on my own scrapbook by the community I just wanted to figure out the original idea behind the scrapbook. Now I can scrap by own scrapbook :). Certainly it is very useful for many.

    Whole point of the discussion is that how market can redefine the use, the real crowd wisdom. Happy scrapping 🙂

  4. I was not aware of the real purpose of Scrapbook,but after going thro’ this Article I got to know that,but still I fell it will be very weird to write scraps to himself

  5. “For a third person my scrapbook is really a crap full of questions or incomplete conversation.”
    Very true. When I started using orkut first, I commented in my own scrap book several times and then deleted it just to follow the prevailing culture.

    Is it what Orkut Buyukkokten wanted with his scrapbook?
    Perhaps not, but sometimes crowd does not behave as we wanted them to. And the owner or the builder of the community has to accept it.

  6. “but still I fell it will be very weird to write scraps to himself”
    Just a perception problem, I think this is time to change the perception 🙂

    I agree with you Saikat, thats the current world. Crowds are more smarter than the creater himself and we should start accepting it.

  7. I feel people are getting social on the net. Orkut is just one of the site. Have you tried linkedin. This site is another one where people starting from schools,colleges,universities and company are making network. This can be useful to company for making referal checks. You know in US its not easy to get you offer letter without referal checks. And people can float jobs. I belive some part of this is really useful. But you have to bear with scrap like ” Hey how r u doing ?”. Coming are the 4G netwoks where phones will be everything…..

  8. Hello Aji sir,
    i think all the first time Orkut user might have face the trouble of where to scrap, and why not to scrap in his or her own scrap book. But one thing i want to mention here that if anyone wants to communicate with u and if he/she answers your question in his/her own scrapbook, than how would u come to know about this. Perhaps u have to visit her scrap book numerous times to see whether he/she has replied or not. In this way, i think its better to write in other’s scrapbook. But for sure u can write in ur own scrap book to meet ur own purposes…like i do, to save a photo, or to save any gud stuff i use my own scrap book. This way no one can delete it, coz it cud be deleted only by me!!! Thats the fun of Orkut.
    Happy Orkutting!!!!

  9. >>answers your question in his/her own scrapbook, than how would u come to know about this.
    I think it is one to one then nothing better than private messaging and orkut provides it.

    >>But for sure u can write in ur own scrap book to meet ur own purposes…like i do, to save a photo, or to save any gud stuff i use my own scrap book.
    Good Point, the count goes to 2 who writes on their own blog :).

    Actually there is no right or wrong, it is just that we support everything as right that has been accepted as so. Again happy orkutting!!!

  10. aji sir when orkut arrived at the campus I was also under impression to use scrap book in such a way that a conversation could be made but soon ppl started making fool of me. strange they learned so fast about orkut although I was among the first ones at the campus to get an orkut invitation. at time I offered many for an invitation but ppl asked whats that.

    Now after 2 months they were telling me how to use scrapbook.

    Yeah the problem have been already mentioned that how the other user will know that you have answered his/her question in your scrapbook. even orkut communities are also like this. no one will know whats happening there without visiting there.

  11. May be it is a misinterpretation of scrap book

    the one who scrapped own scrap book is nuts or nerds or new to Orkut and don’t know scrapping….

    well what i personally feels that the reason behind these misinterpetation is the need –


    well scrap is a simple way of informal chating…

    if someone is online then u can go on chatting either in his scrapbook or u’rs

    but if someone is offline then no one will visit to u’r scrap book to see u’r message…

    also if someone scrap at u’r scrapbook and goes offline….

    Then it is very unfair to answer his query at u’r scrap book coz no one bother to come back your scraps at your book….. he simply expect you’ll scrap at his book….. so that his scrapbook count will also increase…..

  12. I am certain that scrapbook was never meant for chats as chat is generally one to one synchronous and pms one to one asynchronous models. I am not saying that it is wrong if we use it like that, what I am saying is that the markets dictation over the creators interpretations.

    In current era when your customers are keen to be a partner, helps you redefine the product uses as per the markets interpretations. The company which opens up and accepts the ideas will be more successful.

  13. hi ppl, especially aji sir, ur orginal interpretation of orkut was useful…
    i started orkutting 9:52 AM ,9/11/2006 till now 9:20 AM,
    11/30/2006 , u could say 2 months….!!!
    i heard about it from friends, and i was just reading about all other ppls saying about scraps,

    when i started using it….i scraped myself…for collecting useful info…
    u could judt paste a website address, or u could post ur pics in ur scraps and then later scrap that to ur friends 2 share….!!!
    and u could use 1000commu, of which u could own i guess 100,

    well i bet….for those who are really smart…orkut would be much more than just a hi and bye thing…

    its a powerful medium of expression…
    i am a physics student , university college,
    and i was just amazed by the scope of potentiality that orkut had to give

    to begin with….what i found of simple use was…search for old friends who studied with u , then they would find u some day by just typing ur name and searching,

    i made some superb friends thru orkut…who had similar interests scattered from different parts…

    and i could surely say that u could express ur creative side 2 a bigger plane using orkut…

    and i would say the orkut medium is good for people who think for betterment of society and bad for whomever…

    its my orkut address
    do scrap me..

  14. do scrap me in orkut, type kapilsreedhar, search, then check my scrap in it, there is the scrap double scorpion , thats me!!! if u know how the platform was designed , even a vague idea…do tell me…!!!

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