new look to Google SERP – is it Good?

Google believes in experimenting and here is another example. I do not know why it is not happening on other computers (or why is it happening only on my computer for When something is happening only to you then you are suppose to share it with others. So here is the snapshot of the new SERP look (click on the image to enlarge it).

Google new SERP looks

My first 30 sec analysis on the change.

  • My eyes were trained to look at Google’s content (or Search results). Now with this change I had to see the left menu first and then the content.
  • It looked as if Google is other sections like books,new,images or groups. May be an introduction phase. It can be good for relatively new surfers but for regular surfers it is a distraction.
  • Overall I am not liking it. Btw does that matter for Google?

Where you able to see the new look?

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