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I do not get enough time for blogging (What do people do in such cases?) so please let me know if you want me to blog about a specific topic. Please do not ask me to blog about viagra (I hate spammers). I will try to blog as per the ask.

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  1. I need to understand how to convert my blogspot url into something me, eg or

    I actually am nervous abt DNS setting. And I’m a new blogger, btw. Plz write as if for a school going kid!

  2. DNS, :). Yesterday we were discussing about reverse DNS and everyone thought that it is a difficult subject but within next 2 hours everyone could blog about it. For DNS you need to understand how it works.

    Look at but with this there are many other things that are involved like

    1) Webhosting
    2) Old domain should redirect to new domain with a 301 header else you will get into duplicate content penalties.

    Do let me know more about it and i will be able to help you. Take care.

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