Few posts in draft status

We are busy with appraisal forms and policy changes, so not getting enough time for blog postings. These are some of my posts with a draft tag,

  1. Lage Raho Aji Bhai (another HR post, one done for India Inc). Will cover my much awaited “personality vs character post”.
  2. Website downloading speed and sales (stats, surveys and Progressive HTML Rendering examples).
  3. Social networking – Flies attract more flies not honey.
  4. Future of Television – A warning to Karan Joher and NDTV.
  5. Some prediction for year 2007.
  6. My presentation at Grmtech on Leadership.

I do not know when I will manage some good time for blogging. Sunday???? Sunday school at 8:00, Sunday worship at 9:00, CGPF meeting at 5:00 pm, …. “Oh God, Please add some hours a day”. God says, “there are many more hours added in a day you just need to find it”. I will try and if I am able to expect few posts tomorrow and till then enjoy.

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