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  1. I would recommend not using it, not due to the ethical issues as i believe the stupidity of diggs user base will kill it eventually anyhow. But because their site first come out months ago and looks crap and i did sign up just out of curiosity over the space of 2 months they have given me two links to digg, 2 links from a site that when first released months ago? So i am assuming they do not have enough people to pay the price, when someone can just create multiple accounts using free email services etc to do the digg spam themselves.

  2. “Yes it is, when richer people can buy government seats then why not a digg :).” – Good Point!

    And it is fair, just like all advertisements are. Especially with Digg though, you can’t BUY everything. If people don’t like your story, they can shut it down no matter how much and who you are paying money too.

    You can buy Diggs here too: http://www.socialelves.com

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