Life vs work or work-a-lifestyle

They’ve got the smarts and the confidence to get a job, but increasing numbers of the millennial generation — those in their mid-20s and younger — are deciding corporate America just doesn’t fit their needs.

says USAtoday.
It is not much different in India, it is catching here too. My batchmates are gearing up for restaurant leaving all the six sigma consultancy. No one feels a job has enough. My immediate seniors have already started they ventures (there are more but I do not have the URLs).

The article further says

Experts say these children of the baby-boom generation, also known as Gen Y or echo boomers, are taking to heart a desire for the kind of work-life balance their parents didn’t have. They see being their own boss as a way to resolve the conflict. So now they’re pressing ahead with new products or services or finding a new twist on old-style careers. They’re at the leading edge of a trend toward entrepreneurship that has bubbled for decades and now, thanks in large part to technology, is starting to surge.

“It is a fun-loving generation,” says Ellen Kossek, a Michigan State University professor in East Lansing who has spent 18 years researching workplace flexibility.

In the similar lines I also started a discussion at Webmasterworld on Google policy allowing 20% time to work on personal projects. I think that is a great way to retain the best talent in any company. I have also exchanged some mails with Jason Warner of Google about these policies.

I also liked the post by Ryan

Boss said, “If you’re going to be successful you need to start putting your career before your life.”
Her mother said, “If you don’t put your life before work you will never be happy.”
Hearing this conflicting advice from two of the most influential elders in your life is confusing. What does Niki’s boss say to his kids when he gets home? Does he tell them to put work before life? What would Niki’s mom say to young people she works with? Would she tell them to go home early?

After reading all these I decided to listen to some Bryan Adams and John Denver today (after really long).

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