Questions for your employer (Hiring Manager)

I was reading Penelope Trunk’s post “4 interview questions you should never ask“,

Most interviews reach a pause when the hiring manager says, “Do you have any questions for me?” In a world of workplace transparency the most common response to this question would be, “No. I have no questions. I am sick of job hunting. Give me a job.” But alas, you must play the interview game. So ask three or four questions as a way to convey that you have options, even if, in fact, you do not.

Your questions should convey: “I’m trying to find out more about this position to decide if I’m interested.” But you cannot say that flat out without sounding like an arrogant pain in the butt.

Very interesting post, so I thought I will put few questions I will be asking my employer or the hiring manager (apart from doing a good research on the company, job profile, working culture, products/services, market review, boss, vision)

  1. Can I know a little more about my team members and more about my team leader. (Very very important question, if you can get a right team then you can win the world)
  2. Do you have small teams?
  3. How independent are those small teams?
  4. What is done to keep the teams updated with the latest happenings (since I am into tech field it is a very important factor for innovation)?
  5. What are external affairs a team member is involved with like conferences, group discussions, panels, interviews, article writing e.t.c?
  6. How empowered will I be to make decisions?
  7. Do we have company gatherings to discuss about company affairs and culture? Who all attend it? (may be, may not be)

WILL I GET ALL SATURDAYS OFF? I will be framing more questions soon :). If someone can hire me for INR 50k per month with 4 working days that I can do research on other 2 days (just another dream :)).

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  1. I think you mean “employer”, not “employee”.

    Employee is the person, and employer is the business. Then, maybe it’s not employer either, buit (as the cited article puts it) “hiring manager”.

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