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You may be getting hundreds of mails from a domain called taggedmail.com (which is owned by tagged.com social networks). After the success of orkut, facebook and myspace everyone is starting a social networks. It is good to start one but any system that frustrates the world should be blocked forever.

I am blocking tagged.com and taggedmail.com from all my mail servers. Join the movement to teach the owner a lesson, “RESPECT USERS – Present and future”.

How to block tagged.com and taggedmail.com

With Google it is easy, you can just create a filter http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=8151. Even with other mail systems, you can block the emails from some of the domains.

how does taggedmail.com access a contact list?

This is another common question from many of our users. It happens when you enter your gmail account details to tagged.com while registering, it then gets the lists and keep sending this to the people on your behalf. So I never give my gmail/email accounts while registering to any domain. Now you need to go back to tagged.com and delete your account, change the email account settings from tagged.com before deleting it.

how does taggedmail.com work?

Another common question by our users. It is nothing but they get the list when people signup at tagged.com. They don’t send mails from tagged.com but use taggedmail.com to send emails. I know its frustrating but you need to take steps to block it.

Tagged.com says Over 70 million people are on Tagged. Are you? 🙂

How many of them joined the group after getting frustrated? May 69.9 millions. It is such a sad network.

Some of the comments from my friends about tagged.com and taggedmail.com,

>Sirjee…Maine bhi pareshan hoke hi join kiya hai..?

(In English: I also joined this network after getting frustrated)

Dear Santosh,
Please send these messages to individuals and not to the group (just a suggestion).

The above message from our common groups (Alumni groups are getting such invitations), as every time you provide access to your email account they will keep mailing all your contacts. THE KEEP MAILING TILL YOU DONOT SIGNUP, FRUSTRATING FOR SURE.

Lets Tag tagged.com with BLACK LISTED

Now there is another network Yaari.com, Yaari spam

Yaari is now spamming my mail boxes like anything. The are forcing me to act every single day. I am going to block them too.

6 Replies to “tagged.com – Blocking tagged.com taggedmail.com – yaari spam”

  1. This is one of the worst sites on the net. Tricking people out of their contact list is illegal.This jerk at abuse
    makes it voluntary on your part if you click “yes” . You gave them the right to take you contacts list without your knowledge…Yeh, that sound like stealing all right!

    Should a stranger be asking you for your email login? Most of you know you should not do that, but slick
    trickery can fool some.

    Read on:

    First I want to say, I did not click on yes or no….

    I complained to abuse@above.net on behalf of someone else “victim ” # ?(who knows)

    and hope you all will to. The problem is the above.net person seemed to be defensive of this site, which is unusual. In every case I am aware of, they are trying to “protect” the consumer, but in this case, I was threatened with legal action when I called it “stealing” when it is in fact just that, and I am gathering information from this site as well as others, and may contact people to get declarations if this group of scammers try to threaten me again..Here is the text of the message I received from so called “abuse” see if this sounds like the position someone takes, who is trying to be on the side of you and others who have been scammed by this site.

    their position:

    Dear Farhana,

    “Steal” is a very strong term and carrying possible severe penalties. In every instance that I’ve investigated to date, the email address and specifically the password for the email account was provided freely by the complainant.

    Please provide any evidence that you may have, not just the accusation, that your email password was obtained by means other than by you providing it to them.


    Larry McDonald
    Policy Enforcement
    AboveNet Communications, Inc.

  2. Thanks so much for this information. I did receive the tagged email from my friends. But here is what happened….I entered my information (including password) like a dummy, and then I did hit next. I did ‘uncheck’ the box so I do not get marketing offers…and I backed out of it right away, I deleted my tagged account and then changed my password on my email account, so they could not get in. I should have listened to that little voice inside me telling me not to enter these items. Well, I have not heard of anyone getting tagged emails that are allegedly from me…but do you know how they exactly take my contact list? And how quickly they send out the tagged emails to my friends? I am hoping I changed my password and deleted my tagged account quickly enough. I am not real tech savvy, so I am still confused on how they exactly get into my account. Do they need to actually log into my email account with my password to take my contact list? Or can they steal it some other way. I have very good security on my system, and have learned a big lesson on this one.

  3. >> but do you know how they exactly take my contact list? And how quickly they send out the tagged emails to my friends?
    I don’t know their algorithms but with their spamming intention I am sure they might be collecting as many emails as possible ASAP. Technically they can collect all the email ids that are there on your contact list in a matter of secs. Most of the emails over APIs so that these emails can be integrated with other systems. When you provide your access details, they (tagged.com spammer group) will use the API to access your contact list. Most probably they will get the information will store it inside their database. Even if you change the password of your email account they already have the contact list in their database.

    I have noticed that they keep sending this emails at regular intervals. Keep asking friends.

    Deleting the tagged.com account should work good. Now they won’t be able to send friend request on your behalf.

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