Happy with Wink Staff’s reply

I am a member of Wink for many months but I have hardly used it. Then one day I got an email for their staff and I decided to know a little more about it.
Wink is a people search engine. Under the scheme “Spam the Spammers“, I decided to add another level “Selling to the marketers”.

I got a mail form the Wink Staff

Welcome to the New Wink!
The Biggest People Search Engine

Who Do you Want To Find Today?
Now you can find yourself, find your friends, and search for other interesting people online with Wink, the most comprehensive People Search Engine in the world!

Wink searches over 150 million online profiles worldwide. Wink searches people the major social networks and communities, and we’re adding more all the time.

Now you can find someone’s online profile across these communities, and many more!

The new Wink helps you find people immediately by:

* First and last name
* Online profile / nicknames
* Location
* Age, schools, gender
* Shared interests

How to get the most out of Wink:
1. Go to wink.com and search for your friends, co-workers, old classmates, etc.
You may find people you haven’t connected with in years. You may also find that they have on-line profiles you didn’t know about.

2. Fill in your Wink profile and take control of your online life.
With a Wink profile you can manage and organize what other see about you on-line. It’s also easier for your friends to find you – what’s the fun of posting things on-line if people can’t find it?

Your user name is: blogtintin
If you’ve forgotten your password, just click “sign in” and then “forgot your password?” and follow the instructions.

3. Make a Wink Widget!
Get the Wink Widget and put it on your blog, MySpace, Flickr, wherever you can. It helps you promote all the great stuff you do on-line.

Thanks we really appreciate your time!
– The Wink Team

I then decided to throw them a query

looks good, how is it better than orkut?


http://www.idealwebtools.com/blog/ – My blog

I was VERY VERY glad to get a response from their team

Hi Aji,

Thanks for taking the time to write to us. We’re always happy to talk about Wink. 🙂

Wink is actually quite a bit different than Orkut. As you know, Orkut is a closed community of users who are all interacting with each other based on common interests or personal friendship. Wink is a very open and public tool that you can use to find people across several different communities – and a way for you to control your online identity using our profiles and widget.

For example, you can use Wink people search to find people near to you geographically, or with common interests such as “World of Warcraft” – and connect with their profiles on MySpace, Friendster, etc. You can also create a Wink profile to share your online identity with your friends or to build your own personal online brand. David Beach has done just that on his profile: http://wink.com/beach–profile . Here you can see that he has quite a few online identities and he is using Wink to claim all these and display them to help others keep up to date with what he is doing online. You can see more examples of the widget in action by visiting our widget page at http://wink.com/winkwidget/.

So you can see that Orkut is complementary to Wink, in that you can use Wink to claim and promote your Orkut identity to friends (new and old).

Does this answer your question? If you would like additional information, please let me know and I’d be happy to talk with you further.

Have a good weekend!

(I have sent them an email requesting their permission to blog about Wink and to publish their response).

I was a little impressed with this email and decided to do a further scrutiny. Let me post the scrutiny in next post. Looks good, happy weekend.

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