There is Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Mumbai, Delhi terrors

I keep hearing that Terror has no religion, terror has no states, terror has no faces. Most of these sentences are by Politicians who counts on one community or the other and don’t want to leave the other communities as well. According to me such statements and believes are no solution. IT IS THE RIGHT TIME that the world understands that there is Hindu Terror, there is Muslim Terror, there is Christian Terror and also there is Mumbai or Delhi Terrors. Even there in Indian terror, Afghanistan terror, (any country) terror.
Face of terror

Once you are subjected to regular attacks, rejections, humiliations for being a part of a religion A by another religion B makes you hate the other religion B irrespective of who did it or who represented religion B. As a Muslim if one is subject to rejections or humiliations all the time by other religions then it fills up a lot of hatred inside the person for other religion. If one stays in Orrisa and being attacked for being a Christian, he/she will always look for revenge. There can be valid/invalid reasons, but it is no fair to generalized the reasons and attack everybody. In this process, revenge is taken but it turns more innocent minds to Hatred.

I always believed that Love and Hate has the power to build and destroy anything, including their own lives. As Love is subject to do anything so is hatred subject to do anything. If Love is blind so is Hatred. These people who once were innocent are now used by Extreme elements of our society for BAD ,the reason Hatred. If you study or watch movies, be it Poolan devi or any other person, they all have their own stories to tell. No one goes there and die or kill for no reasons. It is true that one step in dark may have lead one to do many more darker things, where he/she might not have direct links.

Tomorrow some of the people from Bihar who are attacked in Mumbai (Doesn’t matter who did it) will attack back some Mumbaikars (Doesn’t matter which mumbaikars). MNS or whoever was involved has sown the seeds of hatred towards mumbiakars, now some anti-social element will use it for developing their strengths. Some of the Christians who lost their loved ones in Orrisa might hit back Hindus (Doesn’t matter, whether you were a part of the group that attacked Christians in Orrisa or not). If Indians are humiliated in other countries, some will bear it, some will retaliate it and some will take strong steps motivated by their hatred.

This hatred is not limited to a religion or a state. When it is concerned with a small group they act in a small way but when it is concerned with a bigger group, it goes really big.

Who is Osama

Who is Osama(s) and what he(they) can do

Some out of these will become leaders (for valid or invalid reasons), they will inspire more to join, they will create a team, they will create another power. Now when these individuals are powered by such powerful organization (which is nothing but the group of people with valid or invalid reasons towards hatred) it becomes major threats. These organizations will then offer incentives to join their group in terms of money (People who don’t have money have hatred towards people who have money, now they also wants to join the party of rich guys by doing something for one time but unfortunately there is no time). Such organizations will keep forming. In recent times if you see there are smaller organizations getting involved in bigger attacks. With new communication models, smaller groups will gain more power.

Now what is the step forward. Do we go for an eye for an eye, turning the whole India and the world blind? Do we keep saying that there is no Muslim terror? Do we say that there is no Hindu terror? We are the reason for terror too:

  • Do not generalize: If a Muslim/Hindu/Christian attacks that doesn’t mean all Muslims/Hindus/Christians are bad. You don’t be responsible in creating another terrorist out of an innocent Muslim/Hindu/Christian. If you do, your loved ones will bear the consequences.
  • Religious leaders are criminals: If you belong to any religion and leads it upfront then you are responsible for the religion too. You need to start a movement in educating people, spreading love not hatred. People take religion and religious leader very seriously. I would have been more than happy if the front page of every newspaper is fully of Muslim/Hindu/Christian Relgious leaders explaining how their religion condemns killing innocent people. They need to take the step in educating people.
  • Love is larger than hatred: People with hatred need to find a place in society with love. We need to address the issues at local and global levels. Bring people towards talk.
  • Biggest failure – Our faith is judiciary and security systems:
    Supreme court
    We have almost lost faith in our judiciary system, the law itself is failing. It is being influenced by powerful elements of the society. Powerful people uses their power to suppress the ordinary people. Then these ordinary people become terrorists to suppress the powerful people. (Remember all the movies we saw, where a leading actor plays an anti role). Our judiciary and security system needs to become more independent and powerful. It is made for people who can’t speak not just for the one whose power can speak.
  • Don’t be rigid: Does your God tells you to kill an innocent fellow? Go ahead and reject the GOD. It is not God who is telling you to do it, it is this Bloody NON religious people who are using religion to corrupt you. We need to be aware and spread this awareness to new generations.
  • Trust the law or live in lawless land: When you decide as an individual to take law in your hand, you are termed criminal and the whole land fights against you but when the representatives of larger/stronger land takes the law in their hands it makes the land lawless. We don’t allow extremists. If people burns Indian flags in Kashmir then react, initiate the talks. If needed pluck the corrupt ones.
  • Power is for responsibility if used otherwise it is terror: Many people think that power means A STRONGER WORD, no it means more responsibility and authority for organization. The time you use the power without responsibility or to suppress something irresponsibly, it creates terror. Haven’t we heard of Terror from Bosses? In office, we are subject to hierarchies, we are paid for being lower but society we all are equal.

What God says

Religion is all about inhuman love, patience, forgiveness and suffering

How difficult is to forget a person who does something wrong to you? Very difficult. It is the religion that can help people show the perfect (sometimes a little inhuman) love, patience, forgiveness and suffering. We all are selfish people (may be once you reach self-realization stage, a little lesser), even the top most spiritual leaders. Some people forgive others because as they are told that there is reward in heaven for such love, forgiveness and suffering. It gives you power to suffer, teaches you to love others. Religion should teach these things. Religion is not about visiting God in Churches or temples at times, it is about understanding the way God wanted earth to be, a place for living in harmony. If you understand religion and believes that there is only one God then do remember that the same God has created the person whom you are going to hurt. Will a mother ever teaches her kid to kill other for any reason, how then can one expect God or religion to do so. Don’t get fooled by religious teachings, you learn your own religion.

There is more to write but this is the time when our Governments and people in charge wake up and realize that their is religious, state based terrors. If we don’t stop it then there will be more terrorist and attacks. Lets make it a point that we don’t hate somebody for being a part of community or state.

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  1. very good post..

    if we use our lil grey cells anyone can understand that all these things are common sense
    we all know that love spreads love, hatred spreads hatred it’s like law of attraction which says like attracts like…

    with so many diversity, it’s very likely that these diverse group do collide with each other
    terrorism has such a nature that it can’t be eradicated completely but what we can do is to form a body that’ll minimizes it’s after effects.

    it’s very unfortunate that almost all collision scars and terror groups are formed by and for the political benefits or the collisions betn the groups are turned into the personal benefit which later turned up into deep scars which keep on giving pain.

    in rite way these political parties are the real training camps of these terror groups

    people do not realise this or they do not care or ignore it till the time terror hits them,

    it’s rightly pointed out that now terror has names and groups they do belong to certain community WHY??? b’coz they get moral support from very fact that people of that particular community fail to care about the fact that terror in any form is BAD… like Hindus are not realising that what Bajrang dal is doing is BAD, Marathi people are not caring about what MNS is doing to North Indians, they do not care b’coz it’s not affecting them but when targeted community rise and hit them back then they wake up from their deep sleep of misunderstanding and the cycle goes on.. WHY??? b’coz we fail to protest all kind of terror, people only protest those terrors which affects them and which do not they just don’t care.

    now it’s HIGH time to oppose all kind of terror and groups otherwise we’ll be NEXT in their HIT list.

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