5 thoughts on “Are you fighting with yourself

  1. David

    I am not sure whether there is any way to check where all a listing appears. This should be avoided if possible.

  2. Tony Lee

    Does Google has an application which can help the website owners avoid such blunders?

  3. Mary

    In this case Google will make money and you will lose, I wonder why will google help you correct this problem when they are benefiting out of it. “Do no evil” and “Do not reveal evil” are their matras.

  4. zymetrical

    If there are multiple sponsored listings such as in the example above, than yes, you absolutely have to pay to play. But if you are the only sponsored listing, and are also the first organic listing, than you are paying for a free lunch. What you have to remember is that these ads are generally being shown across all google properties and in many cases, on googles partner sites as well so the organic placement isnt the same. It isn’t a matter of google deactivating sponsored links in such cases, but a matter of visitors clicking on the organic listings & not the sponsored when there are clearly two. This is a perfect example:


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