Soccer fever is not over yet – experience the online games

If you think that soccer fever is over for all then you need to think again as here are some interesting games based on the recent world cup.

I am listing few of them,

  • Zidane Head Butt Game :

    You’ve seen the head butt, now you can do it. Show ’em your best header.
  • Run Ronaldo Run:

    Pele’s football breathing nation is blaming one person for his substandard performance – Fat little Ronaldo… the pudgy, gap-toothed soccer-rer who wears the magic number 9. Keep Ronaldo away from the burgers and milkshakes as they will slow him down. The end goal of this game is to make Ronaldo run (the one thing he was not doing while he was on the field!) and get to the ball before Crespo does!

  • Rooney On The Rampage

    Control your footballer and score goal after head butting and finally jumping over opponent team’s players.
  • King of Defenders :

    Score as many goals as you can by playing as one of the England’s best player “John Terry” in this nice game.

There are plenty more. Soccer fever is yet to be over.

Other Relevant Postings

Rainy Day

On Tuesday I worked late to finish an important DB and complete website backup script including a web doctor. I wanted to finish it the very next morning but due to heavy rain and water logging I was not able to reach office.

70% employees were absent today due to heavy rain. It was difficult to find conveyance. It is still raining (00:23 IST 20th July, Thursday). Hoping to finalize the backup script tomorrow if the God of rains permits.

During this season having pakora’s with a hot elachi tea can be termed as my weakness. Also I prefer hot and sour chicken soup during this season.

ISPs asked to block only at sub-domain level

I just watched NDTV exclusive report on GBB (Government Banning Blogs). Govt asked DoT to ban 4 webpages but ISPs somehow banned the whole domain including *

Many have filed cases under RTI. Govt has asked to refine the ban and allow the other blogs.

It is expected that within 2 days the ban on other blogs will be lifted. Now I see a lot of people asking about blogging. This special coverage invoked a special interest towards blogging among the ignorant section of Indian public.

Stories that inspired me, Part -III (a simple world)

One night a father was relaxing with his newspaper after a long day at the office. His son, who wanted to play, kept on pestering him. Finally, fed up, the father ripped out a picture of the globe that was in the paper and tore it into a hundred tiny pieces. ‘Here son, go ahead and try to put this back together.’ he said, hoping that this would keep the little boy busy long enough for him to finish reading the paper.
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The Monk who sold his Ferrari

I was searching the company library for latest IT journals and couldn’t find it. Somehow I was not interested in all those financial books which once I have studied more than twice. Then I saw the book which many recommended, I knew what it was about but then I somehow wanted to honour the recommendations. My last attempt to complete a book was with ‘Da Vinci Code” which wasn’t a success but surely I wanted to give myself one more chance with “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” by Robin.S.Sharma.
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Why did the chicken cross the road?

We all must have brain-stromed over the issue, “Which came first an Egg or a chicken?” . Currently the world is debating on another serious topic,

“Why did the chicken cross the road?”

When some technical people were asked , they gave the following answers,
Mac Chicken : No reasonable chicken owner would want a chicken to cross the road, so there’s no way to tell it to.
Microsoft Chicken (TM) : It’s already on both sides of the road. And it just bought the road.
OOP Chicken : It doesn’t need to cross the road, it just sends a message.

What do you think? Be prepared for KBC, you never know what they ask 🙂 .

Get off your perch and have some fun! at