Selling to Brett Tabke, owner of

Pubcon India has been attracting more and more web enthusiasts in last few weeks. Everyone is excited about various events and the overall plan. I just took just by chance (May be because I knew pub con or hosting con).

Brett Tabke of, who blogs using robots.txt file. I can better introduce him as a great person who thought of opening WMW. WMW has been a blessing to many of us, I met a lot of people there, I learned a lot of things there, many memories to share about WMW and many dreams to follow. Brett has asked for and I am more than happy to sell to him as by this we can expect his entry to Indian webmaster world. We had been expecting this for quite some time.

After pubcon, what?

Don’t worry guys, we will get another domain, just suggest me some good name.

Am I selling pubcon for $1 million

Many have asked this question. Sorry, can’t reveal that :). Call me if you want to know the exact amount :), have fun.

here goes my 1000th post at WMW –

I have populated (sometimes polluted too) a lot forums which included highrankings (did not go well because of one post :), was part of a marketing campaign, I still cherish it), WPW (caught up on a promoting foot once, same marketing campaign, it was fun as well), many more with various names due to official obligations. I have cherished WMW forum the most due to the authentic help that I received there. They are far more professional than any other forum I participated in, amazingly professional.

Web Master World - WMW logo
I have got more help than what I offered. Today I completed my 1000th at WMW. A long journey, I must say. Read for more details :). Good night, I will complete my next post tomorrow.