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Last week I could find some time for few articles and discussions. I also studied complete Hebrews (The Bible) last week as I am preparing quiz for our church kids.

Some of my articles are: at homepage. If you are not able to view it then let me know. I will be able send you the complete pdf file. Some of the images which you will not find in the article as WMW does not allow images. I had a talk with their moderator Mona but was of no use. Anyway you can enjoy the images right here.

Attributes of a Keyphrase
Keywords attributes

3×3 Matrix for keyphrase Analysis
Matrix analysis for Keyphrases

Another one is about “7 Ps of Internet Marketing”, you can view it at is a PHPBB3.0 Beta based forum, an extension of NIMC forums.

I am also involved in few discussions; you can view it at

There are various discussions where I am involved. I wish I had more time in hand. Waiting for the world cup semi between France Vs Portugal.

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