I am back to blogging

I been an inactive blogger for last few months. I can pen down few reasons for the state of silence but will not help anyone. Finally I am back to the world of blogging. After three years of experiments with “.coms” of the World Wide Web I decided to take a break. I visited my relatives in Kerala and spent some good time there. For last few weeks,

“Delicious was related to food over book marking,
A program was a stage performance of Ron Kenoly or Don Moen,
A keyboard was ctk 731 casio synth than one ergonomically designed by Microsoft,
Hard drive was a long trip to the Rocky Mountains and waterfall, and
A web was a spider’s home between two banana trees planted in our fields.”

This time was different and was motivating to find new aspects of life. I did carry my laptop and all possible e-books ranging from Adsense optimization to server load balancing but hardly opened any.

Apart from traveling I did manage to read one book “Wisdom of crowd” by James Surowiecki. This book covered some interesting fact about the collective intelligence, something that I always believed in as a community manager at different forums. One section that impressed was the circumstances under which a crowd can be considered smart. The condition mentioned were

  1. diverse
  2. decentralized
  3. It needs a way of summarizing people’s opinions into one collective verdict.
  4. Independent

All the points are excellent and the book is a worth recommendation. You can give it a try at Amazon “Wisdom of crowd

Also as usual wikipedia is a good resource to peek in for more insight.

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