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As few of you know that these days I am more serious being a HR leader than anything else. According to many (including me) the people who can understand the company better should do the HR planning as it is the most important and toughest job. From understanding each project to each member is really the toughest job. I have almost spent last three months on our new incentive structure where I have tried to link every single person’s progress with the progress of their team (and over all company). Only the future can tell the success but then I am committed to change it and make it as perfect as possible. Thanks to my seniors for great guidance.

Other HRs who are interested in more HR talks can surely find the following link important

This answers 10 questions:-

  1. How to Deal With a Negative Coworker: Negativity Matters.
  2. How to Implement Strategic Planning: Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Values.
  3. When Management Systems Fail: Why Employees Don’t Do What You Want Them to Do.
  4. How Do You Know When It’s Time for You to Go?
  5. Personal Courage and Conflict Resolution at Work.
  6. Workplace Conflict Resolution: Managing Your Human Resources.
  7. Achieve Your Dreams: Six Steps: Accomplish Your Goals and Resolutions.
  8. Rise Above the Fray: Options for Dealing With Difficult People at Work.
  9. Bad to the Bone: Dealing With a Bad Boss or Bad Managers.
  10. Twelve Tips for Team Building.

I will write the featured posts for this week. I got busy with some affiliate management projects so had to work on Saturday as well. Hoping to find some time tomorrow for blogging.

Till then Enjoy

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