AIMk Among top 4

Top” is the word I always stressed on and here is a perfect sentence with the word “Top“, “AIMK among top 4 in eastern region“.

There is a high power josh among AIMk alumni and students to make it to top of the world as a B-school. AIMMA is working out plans to make it a formal non-profitable organization. At this stage such achievements gives extra power to reach the extra mile. I congrats the winners, Mr. Rahul Pachauri and Sumit Naik. Also wishing best of luck for the next phase of the competition. Keep going AIM.

“Nothing Succeeds Like Success”

Complete story by our special AIM reporter Narendra at

4 Replies to “AIMk Among top 4”

  1. Hello,

    AIMK is doing so well in each & every event it is participating.It was adjudged ‘The Best College Of The Year ‘ award at we should be dictating terms from now on.

    MBA 9

  2. Yes Anusree, there is a long way to go. I was expecting a little faster progress. I must say great work to all the current batches, keep investing as returns are not too far.

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