India win fifth successive kabaddi gold

I could watch the second half of the final match where India defeated Pakistan 35-23 to retain the gold medal at the 15th Asian Games. It was a good match, even entertaining. When Indian cricket is struggling with its performance there are many to criticize them but when we are doing wonderfully at another field there is hardly anyone to appreciate. Let’s change it this time. Let’s congratulate the Indian team for winning it for the fifth time.


Rakesh kumar (also the vice captain) looked as impressive as MS Dhoni with long hair. Captain Dinesh is no lesser than Dravid. Pankaj Shirsat, Sachin of Indian Kabaddi. Naveen also played nice. Pakistan tried to deceive the umpire few times but Indian won with style.

We congratulate the complete quad who made us proud. Good work done and keep it up.

The squad: Dinesh Kumar (Capt., BSNL), Rakesh Kumar (Ind. Rlys, vice capt.), Navneet Gautam (Raj), Naveen Kumar, Vikas Kumar (Ser), Pankaj Sirsat, Gaurav Shetty (Mah), Manpreet Singh (Pun), Rajeev Kumar Singh (Bih), Suresh Kumar (Raj) and Sukhbeer Singh (Ser).
Coach: Balwan Singh; Asst. Coach: Uday Kumar; Manager: Muthu Swamy.

Do add a comment to congratulate Indian team. Subko acha lagega.

21 Replies to “India win fifth successive kabaddi gold”

  1. Congratulate to the whole team and we are VERY PROUD of the team. I am sure they will keep on winning as Indians are good at it. Let’s send it to the team captain.

  2. Yup!! I should think of putting my money and bet on this team instead. Unfortunately, they never came in my mind until you showed this post…

    Congrats! Indian Team and all others who recently got medals in other international games..

  3. Yep!! I should have put my money and bet on this team instead.. Unfortunately, they never came in my mind until you showed this post..

    Congrats Indian Kabaddi team!! This message is also for those who recently won medals in other international games.. You guys rock!!

  4. Really appreciate the efforts of the indian kabaddi team. The nation is really proud of you. Keep up with your consistent performance……yoohoo….

  5. Hi,
    Its really good to see the Kabaddi team coming out trumps once again! Our cricket and hockey teams need to take inspiration from these guys. I hear people saying that India keeps on flourishing in Kabaddi as no one else plays the game. But, is it our fault? The answer is a simple, NO.

  6. Anju Bobby George and the kabaddi team brought the smiles back on the Indian faces today with their gold medal winning performances which helped the country register its best day in the 14th Asian Games here so far.
    Really this is GOOD i saw match really it good. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF THEM.

  7. Hi Aji,

    I really appreciate our Kabaddi team and you as well to take this initiative in order to give them a feeling that a big community look towards them with great expectations. It will be inspirational force for them. Keep it up…..


  8. Dear Aji,

    Congratulations to all our heroes of our Kabaddi team!!! We are really proud of them. Fortunately, I have seen live telecast of this year Kabaddi final v/s pakistan. It was the first time in my life I was seeing kabaddi on TV! And see, I also got a chance to convey my heartiest congratulations to them via Aji. Thanks for giving me chance.

    Its really nice to take such initiative. Hoping such more initiatives from you in future.

    Ashvin Ambaliya
    FAG India, Vadodara.

  9. Congratulations to the team and to the mentor(s) for the success. It is a very commendable and praiseworthy performance. Hope the team keeps hosting the flag of success in the (Indian) national game year after year.

  10. congrates to all cheetaas of indian kabaddi team
    well done
    this is a gloriuos victory for all indians that we (kabaddi team) won 5 gold in succesion

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