B-School Tag Game/ Blog Tree (Level 0)

Welcome to the B-School Tag Game/ B-School Blog Tree. The complete details are available at http://inferno.aimk.org/bschool-blogtree.html. Let me start the game. It is going to be very nostalgic and fun. I have so much to write, let me start with the first point.

5 things I miss about college

  1. The sleep (both in classroom and in hostel room).
  2. Burning roomy’s undies to kill ants.
  3. The clean, tidy hostel rooms (ha ha ask my roomies). We had all our chairs full of clothes, everything so professionally unorganized.
  4. GP ke parathe, we use to have it at 3 am or 5 am in the morning, breaking the fast before going for sleep.
  5. The Batch, friends and all people. I really really miss the group.

Five things that I do not miss (optional)

  1. The mess food.
  2. The frog music (during the monsoon season).
  3. Surprise exams by Prof Arnab Laha.
  4. Rammstein and the desi 70s music.
  5. Warden Maam’s message.

5 favorite Professors

  1. Arnab Laha (Statistics, data compression, data encryption and digital signal processing).
  2. Debashis Jana – ( OOPs through C++ , Artificial Intelligence) – He is an amazing prolog programmer.
  3. Probal Sengupta – I did my summer project under him (and Mr Annirudha Dasgupta) in alumnus.
  4. Pinaki Mitra (Crytography & Data Security)
  5. AK Halder (Marketing – He motivated me to learn marketing, now with globsyn).

Passing the ball to

  1. Rajesh Rana (MBA-8, AIMK)
  2. Sandhya-Krishnan (XLRI)
  3. Aditya Sanyal (Symbiosis Institute of International Business)
  4. Shailesh Gopale (JBIMS)
  5. Subhash Veeravalli (Jaypee Institute Of Information technolgoy university)
  6. Ravi Mevcha International Institute of Information Technology
  7. Shiju Thomas (IIMB)
  8. Narendra (MBA-9, AIMK)
  9. Rohit Nair (UVCE, Bangalore)

There is a list of other bloggers from various colleges.

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  1. One funny incident
    There are many including the famous burning of my roomy’s undies to kill the ant army but let me share another one. This is the visit of Chinese delegation to our campus. We were asked to be present to welcome the delegation; we were somehow prepared too :). The very morning we ran out of water in all our hostels (we got the perfect excuse). Only 3 to 4 students were present in the whole college. These three students managed to be show a present everywhere, they ran from lab to library and library to the open park. Most probable feedback from the Chinese delegation, “Indians look all the same”.

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