How to handle over 100 mails a day

The days when you get over 100 mails you need more than 2 hands to reply. I have many email accounts (official and personal) and till some time back I had problems in handling all at the same time. I hated outlook for the complexity it offered me (I am using three computers, one desktop and one Laptop in office, one desktop at home). Configuring outlook every time and exporting the mails was a messy stuff. Moreover I had saved some documents inside mail accounts which was needed during meetings where I was not carrying the laptop. I liked the way Gmail handled my accounts and the simplicity it offered me. I could upload my files and access it easily. I liked its search too. Google made my life even easier with Gmail multiple account handler.

Over 100 emails a day

Even with these features I was finding it difficult to answer all the emails. I tried arranging it with various labels but it did not work for me. At the end of the day checking all folders (labels) was again complex. Sometimes I forgot to answer some important emails because of the overloaded inbox or multiple folder arrangements. The unread mails had higher chances of getting an answer, I used to forget about the read ones.

to reply label

Now I have started using one label (to-reply). If I get an official mail on Sunday eve, instead of adding a task for it I will label it with “to-reply” and forget it for Monday, similarly a personal mail will be labeled “to-reply” during office hours. This allows me to reply at my ease without forgetting the important emails. Now

  1. I handle all my mails using one master account.
  2. I read all mails whenever I want to read and reply with ease.

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