Why Wikipedia rules Google SERPs?

At many instances people have asked me this query, “Is Google giving wikipedia some priority in search?”. No, I do not think so (but they can do it easily, look at the coop custom search, it has a manual priority setting too). Search for any keyword, even the commercial keywords and you will find some wikipedia results. At instances you might find even more than one result for wikipedia under a search.

Wiki is ruling the search engine esp Google because of following reasons :-

  1. Incoming links: People love linking to wikipedia. I have not seen any other site which is so link attractive. Wikipedia attracts link. Bloggers love linking to wikipedia for any term. Wikipedia also acts as a dictionary, where people link to explain the work.
  2. Overall Site value: Total Pages indexed (10,600,000 in Google, 49,710,962 in yahoo) + Total backlinks (32,121,814 sitewide links in yahoo, which is close to Yahoo’s backlinks).
  3. Link distribution: Wikipedia gets links to almost all pages and thus it has a good link distribution as well.
  4. Relevant Anchor text: Most of the links comes with relevant anchor text for the pages.
  5. OnPage factors: OnPage factors are strong too (Yahoo still loves this factor).

In short it is very highly SEOptimized.

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  1. Add to that the fact that the pages are content rich and for the most part unique content and a lot of it is also of high quality and well written. “Featured Articles” were edited so much and proof read as if there is no tomorrow, that no company that provides content, editors and proof reader services could compete with it.

    Then the things, which you already stated, which come on top of that and it is understandable why search engines fell in love with W!

    Crawlers, indexer and Ranking Algo and Programs must “feel” like “die Made im Speck“. The site represents the reincarnation of Search Engine Guidelines for SEO and Web Designers. It is like, if you would envision your dream partner, carefully “constructed” piece by piece only from the best parts in your mind and suddenly bumped into it one day. 🙂


  2. Thanks Carsten for the contribution.

    >> a lot of it is also of high quality and well written
    The Site Wide content is great, so it is gaining the site wide reputation for content as well.

    I have seen people spending almost 25 minutes with Wikipedia articles to understand it, so on page impression is also great. Overall its a deadly combination.

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