Meet the Smartest and dumbest Google Blogger

Finally I am back home after spending some 58 hrs in office. Slept for 10 hrs and feeling a little fresher. Google uses blogs as their major communication tool. Google has many official blogs to communicate with its users. There are many Googlers who own a personal blog as well (many of these blogs are not active, see the list below). Also there are few who are ex-employees with a personal blog (see the list below).

Who is the smartest of all these?
Last year at AIMAA meet I talked about creating brands inside brands and took his blog as an example. He has created his own brand being inside Google. His blog is referred everywhere on the web. Everyone seems to love his everything. A post about his cat being sick got him 99 comments. He must have hired one person to handle comments. Yes, I am talking about none other than Matt Cutts.

Meet the dumbest Google Blogger
Jen worked for Google between January 17, 2005 and January 28, 2005. It looks to me that he started the right thing in a wrong way. According to him, “i thought i could make connections to real people in the outside world and get first hand feedback”. Mark Jen is known for being terminated with cause by Google, Inc. for distributing corporate secrets in his personal blog, Now he blogs at




Matt cutts Mark Jen

Did Matt cutts learn blogging from Mark’s Mistake? Mark stopped the Google blog in Jan 2005 and Matt Cutts started from July 2005. Enjoy Google and Google blogs

Blogs by Google employees

  1. Adam Bosworth’s Weblog (Adam Bosworth)
  2. (David Alpert)
  3. Beyond Satire (Ellen Spertus)
  4. Bo (Bo Cowgill)
  5. Brightly Colored Food (Chad Thornton)
  6. Continuations (Christine Davis)
  7. (Bob Lee)
  8. Dave Barr’s Journal (Dave Barr)
  9. Doctor Awesome
  10. Douwe Osinga Thinks (Douwe Osinga)
  11. Ego Food (Chris DiBona)
  12. (Kevin Fox)
  13. Goldtoe Lemon.Nut (Jason Goldman)
  14. Graham’s Page of Stuph (Graham Waldon)
  15. Hixie’s Natural Log (Ian Hickson)
  16. Joe Beda Eighty (Joe Beda)
  17. …that she might be a sufficient reason for young Candide (John Hawkins)
  18. (Kimbalina)
  19. Kraneland (David Krane)
  20. Marked for Dearth (Mark Ayzenshtat)
  21. Massless (Chris Wetherell)
  22. Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google and SEO (Matt Cutts)
  23. Natala la la la … (Natala Menezes, also at MSN Spaces)
  24. Nelson’s Weblog (Nelson Minar)
  25. The Oliver Project (Oliver Deighton)
  26. Otaku (Cédric Beust)
  27. Ovidiu Predescu’s Weblog (Ovidiu Predescu)
  28. (Mihai Parparita)
  29. Piaw’s Blog (Piaw Na)
  30. Rahrah feminista (Lilly Irani)
  31. Shellen dot com (Jason Shellen)
  32. (Shuman Ghosemajumder)
  33. (Ryan Barrett)
  34. So Many Games (Greg Stein)
  35. Sowbug (Mike Tsao)
  36. The Other Eighty Percent (Chip Turner)
  37. Vedana (Eric Case)
  38. (Wesley Chan)
  39. Xenomachina (Laurence Gonsalves)
  40. xdelta (Josh Macdonald)
  41. Journal (Aaron Boodman)

Some Ex-Googlers…

  1. Biz Stone, Genius (Biz Stone)
  2. Evhead (Evan Williams) – He was the CEO of pyra labs (Blogger creator)
  3. Mark Jen’s Life @ Plaxo (Mark Jen)

(list collected from anbd other sources), please let me know if you come across other blogs. I will also go through the list once again.

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  1. Hi Mark,

    >> I don’t know if I’m the dumbest, but looking back, I definitely wasn’t the smartest at the time
    I am sure you have nothing to regret, you did the right thing but may be a little too fast. Now look at Matts, he is even more famous than Google duo, its the same tool, the blog, the made him famous.

    Blogging is certainly powerful.

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