W3C sets new version of HTML in motion

I have been working on HTML rendering with different browsers, the quirk mode, the standard mode, almost standard mode and related topics. I must accept that these topics are really interesting to dive deep in. Today I have gone through the Microsoft standards, Mozilla and Opera standards and rendering under quirk mode. Now I am checking the rendering speed difference at browser level and other issues involved.

It is really good to hear that W3C has announced the formation of a Working Group of content designers and browser and application developers to put together a specification for a new version of HTML. Hope to see a simpler world with less CSS compatibility errors. This post is also interesting. Also you might like to visit http://www.htmlhelp.com/ for more information on various info. Also another post that caught my attention was, “Sending XHTML as text/html Considered Harmful and The Myth of “HTML-compatible XHTML 1.0 documents”” ( Ian Hickson is a member of the Mozilla.org Browser Standards Compliance QA team and an invited expert in the W3C CSS Working Group )

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