A list where orkut is used for drug/pic-scam/hate-groups

These days my Posts on orkut are attracting more and more traffic. Orkut was known (introduced) as platform for creating a social circle (supposedly good and healthy ones). For last 3 months (an increasing trend, some of my close acquaintances involved as well) I am hearing various scandals where orkut played an important role. From Photo scandal to hate groups, now the latest Pune drug case.

The Pune Police claim they have evidence that drug parties like this particular one are organised using social networking sites like Orkut and isratrance.com (Israeli Psychedelic Trance Experience). …………… Users began posting their reviews and pictures and more invitations for other drug dos began to pour in till a user named Indiandawg posted the bad news that the Pune party had been busted by the police and all the invitees arrested.

Then came the shock and the anger and users like Cosmic Tandava, phazed, twistedfunkie and N’euroToxic began cautioning fellow members to be more careful when posting invites online

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Other Orkut stories

I am sure there are many other cases which I am not aware of (I haven’t put down few latest ones as it is not published in any newspaper).

Should we blame Orkut for it?

I will put my opinion in next post.
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  1. Well, personally I don’t feel Orkut should be blamed for all these hate groups, etc. because it has provided many people like me a platform to keep in touch with friends even we are miles apart. Orkut has become an integral part of our daily life.

    However, all such communities does bring into light the amount of hate existing in this world, the amount of illegal activities that goes on and twistedness of people’s minds that they feel they can spend their valuable time to create such groups.

  2. I agree with your Sanjukta, welcome to the blog. This is just a communication platform as mentioned by Raju. People will use it for various things, it will speed evil and good both. This is true for everything, I remember Indian Gov banning blogspot for the same reason.

  3. I just got this email from a friend

    Recently there have been cases where some people would copy your photos from your profile and will create a new profile with your name and your photo or rather “CLONE” your Profile. They send offending messages to your contacts.

    So all, if you have received or might receive any offending messages from my name, you should know thats not me. Plz confirm before reaching any conclusion.

    I will suggest you all to pass on this message to all of your contacts because, this thing is quite possible on Orkut and already happened with one of our friend.

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