Hmm… 199 out of 200 programmers can’t program

We are gearing for the next big hiring campaign, keeping the company small is a dream but in reality you need more people to handle the increasing work (not pressure). Hiring more people is not the right solution but hiring the right people is. Hiring a bad programmer is like having a talented digger on your fast sailing ship, who will keep digging holes on your ship (You know what I mean). Hiring good programmers is as simple as beating Australia in 40 overs (Cricket fever is catching up). One of the best posts a recruiter should read before hiring a programmer, this says it all. Hiring the right programmer is very important for companies like Grmtech, do read Paul Grahams point #6 under his article on “The 18 mistakes that killed startups“.

Know the programming talentosphere,

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  1. Thats funny, I can’t believe it that people applying for programmers job can’t solve this fizzbuzz problems. I can offer a solution for it.

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