Next Posting List – A creative idea for your blog

Do you see a section called “Next Planned postings” on right panel?

I think that is a good Idea. As usual let me try to convince you that my idea is good. It has three advantages: –

  • Advantage 1: It helps you plan your postings. You get various topics for blogging and a list helps you clear your memory for better things. Everyday you can think of a new topic and append the list. You take the topmost topic as “topic of the day” and blog about it. Also you get one complete day to think for the next “topic of the day”. This will help you cover useful topics.
  • Advantage 2: It will motivate your visitors to subscribe to your blog. Read my posting on “how to make a subscription form for your blog”.
  • Advantage 3: It helps your visitors come back to your blog. Choose the topics carefully to impress more visitors. It also tells the visitor that you are serious about blogging.

It is just like advertising with “Friends – Next season’s” clips after every “friends” episode this season.

If you like this idea, do add a comment and if your really liked my postings try subscribing to it.

15 thoughts on “Next Posting List – A creative idea for your blog

  1. Raju

    I was about to go for a sleep. Good that I read this before the day ends. I learned one more thing from you aji, keep posting. I think I will be a regular visitor to your blog. I have also subscribed to your blog.

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  3. Rajesh

    Your blog is rocking sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………………..

    but i would like to confirm ki that stat counter is showin rite meter or ……..kharab ho gaya hai……….

  4. AjiNIMC Post author

    Thanks Rajesh, I have decided to spend some good time in blogging. Stat counter is perfectly fine. It is showing how many page views instead of unique visitors.

  5. ravi

    aji sir ,it is very informative article ,even for novice person .Keep posting regularly this type of article.

  6. Rajesh

    u r right sir comments are the main source of blogging……..which gives us a feeling that someone out there reading our thoughts…..and about stat counter i’m still under the area of doubt coz it’s showing more than 1 lakh views…… great…realy amazing…..

  7. AjiNIMC Post author

    I am working with ampminsure innovation team and hopefully the world will be able to use this with a better tool. They will make it simple and more secure. Within 2 days they will be launching it. I am eagerly waiting for it.

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  10. MichaelDZH

    Hi. I find forum about work and travel. Where can I to see it?
    Best Regards, Michael.

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