Generating 403 errors from Document root

I wanted to generate a 403 error at the document root in absence for Document Index files (index.html and index.php). I tried various things with no success. Even the other team programmers asked this question at various forums, they all got the same suggestions:-

  • This looks like a .htaccess problem, check your .htaccess carefully, or
  • Check the Document Index.
  • Check the “Options Indexes” properly.

These were the responses I was getting and rightly so as these can be some possibilities as well. Even after all these work I could not make it work. I then decided to approach my boss (a technical geek by choice and management guru by profession). He then asked me to remove the following like from the httpd.conf LoadModule autoindex_module modules/ and it worked. I certainly need to do some more study to understand this module better. In case someone like me in urgent need of a hint can get it through this blog post.

“Do not forget to restart the Apache server :)”

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  1. “a technical geek by choice and management guru by profession.”

    he is very lucky….. that he is doing what’s he loves most……..

    sometimes i really get frustated with my job but i’ve no choice….coz of some personal problem i got stick with this kind of Job…
    and even though I’m not any guru by my profession…..

    i wish one day i will be like MR. Vikas Kedia…. i don’t when that day will come…. or i’ll be like this doing what i hate most….

  2. Once You removed or make comment
    # LoadModule autoindex_module modules/ module
    you also need comment all dependencies of it like
    # IndexOptions FancyIndexing VersionSort NameWidth=* as it needed the above module.
    # AddIconByEncoding AddIconByType AddIcon DefaultIcon ReadmeName HeaderName IndexIgnore

    Now your apache is error free.

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