Checking some debt solvers

I am working on some artilces explaining the best ways to solve your debts, this is simple Started writing on it again,

The formula is simple,

  1. Increase Income.
  2. Reduce debt
  3. Try the comination of both

When I was a college student I always stressed on (1) more than (2) but later in life realized that “one penny saved is more than one earned”.

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  1. This is really good.
    We always think of increasing our income without bothering about how much we spend unnecessarily.

    Your formula indeed is worth to apply.

  2. >> how much we spend unnecessarily.

    Hmm can’t deny it but I calculate only when I fall short of money. This has helped me somehow improve my income; I remember how hard we worked to win the software engineering award worth Rs 2500 and ended #2 with 1200. After the competition got over we went to aquajava(celebration party) and spent almost extra money.

    We started idealog for extra money , worked, learned , earned and enjoyed . All to increase our income even worked with cartoon network event for rs 500.

    The biggest offer we got was Rs 2000 per day from Yule but we couldn’t cash on it. I joined my current company for extra income during my summer training at alumnus.

    Life goes on, still working and learning extra for addition income through incentives (which is almost more than my sal now).

    Not all bad habits are bad enough to call it a non-profitable issue.

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