Countdown for Nostalgia-2005

It took some real good time, a js countdown with current date was little difficult to do. I decided to use php then and made it work. It is already too late , so going for a sleep, let me know if you want to know how this is made 🙂 .

Check the Countdown for Nostalgia-2005 at

have fun

3 Replies to “Countdown for Nostalgia-2005”

  1. Hi Sir,

    Thank you x 100000000000000000000000000000 sir

    thank you very much.

    Words are few when hearts are full.

    Thanx a lot.

    C u on 10th Sep 10 a.m.


    MBA 8

  2. Hey Sir…thanks a lot for this…took me back to party days for a short while…

    Unfortunately, wont be able to make it this time….would try my best to join next year

    MBA 5

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