carrot for your communities

I am running invision boards for our community which consists of my college friends (B-School , NIMC), I was trying to give some attractive packages which can inspire them participate more.

Since I am more comfortable working with phpbb boards I wished some invision version of those mods like

  1. Cash Mod – where member earn with every post.
  2. Static URLs or more natural looking URLs
  3. Quick Reply
  4. Inline Banner ads
  5. and many more at

I started my search for invision mods, I was almost sure to find few such mods. It wasn’t an easy search; I had to go through many small mod categories to get one good website with real good mods.

I found very useful it has many good mod including a perfect point system, lottery system, Kenka RPG System, chat, quick reply and everything everything. It even has a mod for SE optimization lile able2know.

I did find another directory of mods but I lost the link, I will try to post it as a comment soon. Coding invision is quite different from phpbb, phpbb is simple smarty based system, invision is a bit complex. I have spent almost 6 months coding with phpbb forums that gives a fair explanation of my code complexity comparison. Invision is fairly new to me; I will like to try sometimes.

Forums are a very imp ingredient of online successful recipe and a forum with add-ons can really make it spicy. I am still struggling with a complete integration of wordpress with phpbb, then an integration with wikimedia will make it more perfect.

Few more integration

  • Help center live and phpbb
  • A good chatting system and phpbb
  • A good cms system like mambo and phpbb though phpbb has its own sms system.

Time will help me design it better.