How to access the existing blogspot sites from India

As I have mentioned in my previous post that Government has banned blogspot, geocities e.t.c. This step was taken to prevent any anti-national blogging. From yesterday afternoon even I am not able to access the blogspot blogs. This step was taken as a precaution to prevent any Mumbai blast aftermath. It is giving an additional publicity to the overall issue.

Accessing the banned sites

Now if you want to access some of the important blogs which contains helpful information like, you can do so with the help of some proxy servers.

One such example is Type in the Address input box and click on “surf”. You will be able to browse the information but to update the blog you will have to try other tricks.

Other Proxy stuffs

Using RSS feeds
If you have the rss feeds, you can easily read it using any third party website like yahoo which offers a RSS reader.

Hope goverment will reconsider their decision on banning all blogs.

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  1. This is great…. i have come to know about pkblogs yesterday on NDTV.

    but still banning blogs is really against power of expression…

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