Indian Government banned dozen sites

Is it the growing popularity of blogging or just another government policy? Whatever might be the reason, the truth is that Gov India is going to ban many blogging sites like *, * and* (the list will have more sites). I just read it in eco times front page. India’s Department of Telecommunications (DoT) passed an order to ISPs to block several websites. Till 9:00 IST I am able to access all the above said sites.

Indian government banning sites

Earlier it was Google Earth and now Google blogs, google is surely not finding a place in Indian Gov’s heart.
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Including Blog in your CV. Will You?

I was wondering whether people add blog in their CV or not. At least in India I have hardly seen anyone doing it. I will prefer to have my blog on my CV as it will allow any HR to know me better. They can spend time with my personal still public diary explaining my interest.

I was discussing with one of my friend who is compelling me to show some creativity with CVs and I am wondering but thinking too. Hopefully soon you can see my CV is different creative models. I have taken almost 100 interviews if I am not wrong. In this course I have seen variety of CVs, some of it were really creative and few funny. Today I saw a CV, which mentioned languages known in a tabular format covering 25% of your 2nd page. It was a 3×3 table, with row mentioning the languages and column “Read”, “Write” and “Speak”. Each cell were either ticked or crossed.

Time to prepare some unique CVs.

Firefox extension for SEO – You can laugh at it

Today when I saw that Mr Aaron Wall of has released a firefox extension for SE Optimization I could not stop laughing. This extension really is of no use.

Firefox extension for SEO

Why is this of no use?
This is there to consume extra bandwidth with every search, that’s it. A person who does SEO never does it this way. If you are a web business owner and have Google toolbar installed with this extension on same machine then you will surely have a good time with Google. If you do not know why read the TOS or Hire a good SEO expert.

Anyway have fun and try, but surely at your own risk.

My recent articles

Last week I could find some time for few articles and discussions. I also studied complete Hebrews (The Bible) last week as I am preparing quiz for our church kids.

Some of my articles are: at homepage. If you are not able to view it then let me know. I will be able send you the complete pdf file. Some of the images which you will not find in the article as WMW does not allow images. I had a talk with their moderator Mona but was of no use. Anyway you can enjoy the images right here.

Attributes of a Keyphrase
Keywords attributes

3×3 Matrix for keyphrase Analysis
Matrix analysis for Keyphrases

Another one is about “7 Ps of Internet Marketing”, you can view it at is a PHPBB3.0 Beta based forum, an extension of NIMC forums.

I am also involved in few discussions; you can view it at

There are various discussions where I am involved. I wish I had more time in hand. Waiting for the world cup semi between France Vs Portugal.

I am back to blogging

I been an inactive blogger for last few months. I can pen down few reasons for the state of silence but will not help anyone. Finally I am back to the world of blogging. After three years of experiments with “.coms” of the World Wide Web I decided to take a break. I visited my relatives in Kerala and spent some good time there. For last few weeks,
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